Chris Perry December 3rd Thursday

  • [link text](Reindeer Dark Pencil.jpg link url).

    Here is my line art and layout. On to the color studies.

  • Do you have to have a Twitter account. I only use Facebook. Also, the idea behind this image is The Reindeer got the flu so Santa used...THE FORCE. This is to honor the release of Star Wars 7 the third week of December.

  • very cute! Nice characters!

    What is a bit confusing to me, but perhaps will be cleared up later, is that the reindeer, upper left, looks like he is impaled on the post? Not sure how that is supposed to be?

  • I love the idea that Santa is using THE FORCE...but I didn't get that until I read your explanation. Maybe santa could have a jedi cloak on over his santa suit so it reads star wars? And Nancy is right, the position and shape of the box of tissues on the reindeer makes it look like he is impaled on the fence post. The characters are great! Looking forward to seeing the color studies!

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    To add to the jedi cloak, maybe have him holding a lightsaber as well.

  • Thank you everyone. That is why I posted it so I can see what is not working. I will fix the post and add more Jedi-ness to Santa. It is funny about the post. I looked for tangents and odd things and this one still escaped me. Thank you for your generous crits.

  • SVS OG

    I missed the Force too, brilliant idea though! what if one of the elves was yoda? or have a little x-wing floating around. put a bow on it to make it look like one of the presents hehe

  • Try squinting Santa's eyes as if he is straining. I like how you have a Princess Leiah doll in the bag. I think you should push that idea more to bring a better connection to the iconic Star Wars items. Can you add Yoda as if Santa called him in to teach him to harness the force? This is a challenging thing to show in a static image. Keep working on you sketch until it reads before jumping into the next stages. I love the style so far!

  • Try re watching the scene in the original film where Luke is using the. Force to lift his x-wing out of the swamp and use that for inspiration.

  • I like all the suggestions. I will add a cloak and a light saber. I also like the squint idea. I am glad the Princess Leiah doll in the bag was obvious. It is easy to get too carried away, however, so I have to 'reign' it in a bit... pun intended, to avoid it getting too busy.

  • @Lynn-Larson Nice ideas Lynn.

  • web.jpg Value study. Any input?

  • I think the POV throws me off... Why exactly does he have a lightsaber drawn when there's no enemy? If he's using it here like a light source, it makes no sense to have it held so low. Maybe raise that arm up as well...

    Otherwise this look like Santa lifting the sleigh before it's loaded, which seems " careless " for lack of a better word, maybe ill planned. Also I don't get the grinning figure just above his lightsaber... which looks like it's about to cut the floating elf holding the bag in two!

    What if Santa was in the Sleigh, his eyes closed in concentration, maybe legs crossed in a Yoda/yoga position, arms raised with lightsaber out, lifting the whole sleigh up with bags and elves flying up and out of it. I like the reindeer watching the sleigh float up, the other one seems scared of Santa, which is hilarious actually.

  • Nice changes! It reads more star wars now. I do suggest having Santa a lighter value--one in between the light from the saber and where he is now on the value scale. I really like this!

  • @Bobby-Aquitania
    Agree that the lightsaber shouldn't be on.

    Maybe just have it hanging at the waist.

  • Thanks for all the input. Bobby, you have me thinking of redesign for the sake of story. I will need to go back to the drawing board.

  • @Chris-Perry said:

    Thanks for all the input. Bobby, you have me thinking of redesign for the sake of story. I will need to go back to the drawing board.

    It's still a great piece man, I would do the suggestion of sheathing the lightsaber on the belt and keep this...

  • Can some one tell where and how I post for the 3rd Thursday submission. I think it says something about Twitter but I don't use Twitter. Also what time does the judging begin on the 18th?

  • @Chris-Perry email it to: and then post it on the 3rd thursday forum

  • thank you Thrace

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