Bonjour form Gatineau, Québec, Canada.

  • Hello everyone, my name is Jérémie Lecompte, I am French Canadian and I am 28 years old. I have been doing digital painting since 2013 and I would say that I have made a lot of progress in just a few years due to the fact that I create on a regular basis and that every year I always set reasonable goals to reach. My long term objective would be to be able to work in the field of animation or video games because I would like to do visual development or create character concepts or even environment if the opportunity arises.

    I came to this forum to interact with other artists and discover new talents.

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    @Jérémie-Lecompte Salut Jérémie 🙂 On est juste à côté! Je viens de Montréal, mais en ce moment j'habite à Ottawa hihi

    To work in the field of animation, even in a non-animation capacity, it really helps to have studied in it to know the process. Do you have any formal training? If not, you may want to consider a DEC in Dessin Animé at Cégep du Vieux Montréal. This is what I did and I can't say enough good things about that program and the teachers. I learned not only animation but character design, perspective and background design (through no less than 4 classes on the subject), visual development, storyboarding, all the softwares, etc. The school has an excellent reputation in the industry (for good reason) for producing extremely qualified artists ready for work, which makes it easier to find a job. I found a job 2 weeks after graduating 🙂

    If schooling is not what you want or not an option right now, being in Gatineau you are quite close to a number of animation studios in Ottawa. I know Mercury Filmworks is hiring for various positions right now. You lose nothing by sending in an application and portfolio, and even if you're not ultimately hired you may be able to ask why you didn't make the cut and gain valuable insight. Also try Big Jump Entertainment, Pip animation, Jam Filled Entertainment and Snowed In Studios.

    I hope that helped! Et bienvenue sur le forum 🙂

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    Merci beaucoup ^_^

  • @Jérémie-Lecompte welcome!

    It is great to have more cold weather residents joining... and winter is starting. Pretty sure that is not a coincidence?

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    Thank you. ^_^

  • Welcome! You will find many artists here willing to help you on your journey. 🙂

  • Bienvenu from Toronto!

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    Welcome! @StudioLooong shared this vid about a visual development portfolio, it may serve as inspiration and a bit of a guide for what a portfolio like that requires: Great vid.

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    Welcome! I like your style. It's very colorful and cheerful.

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