Choosing the right Color class

  • Hey everyone, I was asked to update my XMas list and I wanted to add some SVS to my list. One of the things I need a better understanding of is color. So I wanted to get some opinions on which color class to choose and why.

    1. Choosing colors for Storytelling
    2. The magic of color

    I'd like to add "Painting Color and Light 2.0" too but it's out of the price range right now. That being said opinions on that course is welcome too.

  • Could you ask for a monthly subscription or something? Then you could listen to as many as you wanted?

  • I'm not able to do the annual subscription so I prefer to own the lecture outright. That way I can come back anytime I need to for a refresher. Does anyone know the key differences between the two? Maybe you guys know more to help select? @Will-Terry @Lee-White or @Jake-Parker

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    Why don't you sign up for the free trial, then cancel. Buy the class that you think is the best one for what you need after you view them. My real recommendation would be to sign up for the monthly subscription for a few months and actually do the exercises for a few different classes. Then cancel and buy based on how that goes.

    FYI, we are unrolling a whole new track with some more new classes next week. I think we are moving away from the a la cart option and keeping the new content (which is killer) in the subscription.

  • @BradAYoo if my memory is working properly I think the Magic of Color is more of a basic color theory class so it depends on where you are in your learning. Both are great classes.

    I'd go for the 1 month subscription and cancel when you need a break, get too busy, or run out of money 🙂

  • @Lee-White ooo next week next week lols thank you ☺️.

  • Thank you for the help all. I think I will give that free trial a go and watch the first few lessons each.
    @Lee-White Question on all purchased content and current content that is purchasable, will these be moving over to the subscription based plan or still be available for purchase later?

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    Hi Brad, we are moving away from the purchase option. The new classes will not be available for purchase. But if you have bought a class already it will be yours forever.

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