vcFinal Sketches for Slovember... Seeking Critiques. Thanks

  • I finally finished my final sketches for the Seven Ravens. I'm building a portfolio for Children's Books and for Art Licensing. Those are my thoughts. I had trouble coming up with backgrounds, but I hope to change that once I begin the background class. I could really use a critique, and I'm open to feedback. Thanks so much.

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    Final_Sketches_.png Final_Sketch_white.png Final_Sketch_4_.png Final_Sketch_3_.png final_skecth_2.png

  • The one with the raven on the persons head is interesting, it makes me curious of the story behind the image. 🙂

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    I went back and read all of your threads about ravens and Slowvember. I'm not 100% clear on your goals and wonder if digital art is a clear part of them or not. (I totally get how hard it is to get the same freshness digitally, because I've been trying to do so for 3 years now!) And I know Seven Ravens is a fairy tale, but I don't know the story so can't comment on that part.

    That said, and not having all the background, your sketches are really lovely and full of life, and your compositions above are interesting. The only thing I'd say there is keep away from being too "centered" in the head pieces (1 and 3). But, your sketches are so fresh that I think it would be great if you could keep some of that energy in your finished work!

  • @LAURAA. Thanks for the feedback. I agree with the centering. I thought about that too after I did the sketches. I'll try some similar compositions but try to play with the camera angles some more when I take it to the final. My plan is to use traditional media, but I've been making myself spend more time in digital, at lease in parts of the sketch phases, so I can practice with the media more. Someday, I'd like to have the same control that I have with a pencil and paintbrush with digital media.

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    @Jennyann Ok, that makes sense! As annoying as it is to have to buy a pen display (Cintiq or equivalent), I couldn't seem to make any headway with sketch strokes until I did so. And the Kyle brushes that come with Photoshop are good. I still can't make the same strokes in digital that I can with a pencil, but they're a lot closer now than with an Intuos. And with your nice sketchy style, that's going to be important.

    Another possibility is to scan the sketches and then adjust or fill with digital washes.

    I took the backgrounds class, and it's a bit more about positioning characters in perspective and dramatizing their interactions than it is about backgrounds per se. It was useful, but not exactly what I was expecting. Hope this helps!

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