Anyone had positive experience with postcard promos?

  • Or tear sheets?

    Have a huge list of clients that only receives snail mail. Wonder if anyone have any positive experience with sending out postcards and promos.

    Do you send out just one postcard as a postcard, or several postcards in an envelope as a mail? How about tear sheets? Or even brochures? Does investing into brochures like a small zine worth it?

    Thank you!

  • SVS OG

    @Hui-Li what is a tear sheet? I’ve never heard of that. But, I was wondering the same thing? Ive heard the guys talk about postcards a bunch, but are people still doing that?

  • @Hui-Li for what it's worth, almost every art director I have ever heard interviewed (I've heard quite a lot of them!) recommends using postcards. Emails just get lost.

  • In summer I sent out a very small number of postcards (about 10) to some of my favourite publishers. I wasn't expecting any responses, but one actually emailed me about a month later as they were interested in my work! It was quite a well known children's publisher too. I haven't got any work out of it yet but at least I know that I'm on their list of illustrators now and it could hopefully lead to something.

  • Thank you @bugeyefly and @bugeyefly ,

    From your experience, which is better?

    1. sending out one postcard
    2. sending out multiple postcards at once (like 2 or 3), since two images on one card is only represent a very small corner of one's work.
    3. sending out an envelope with tearsheets or several postcards inside?

  • Check out the latest question and answer episode of the 3 Point Perspective podcast. They mention some really useful tips on getting the most out of postcards. Too many to list here! 🙂

  • @Hui-Li I have only ever sent out a single postcard with one image on it and then on the other side my contact details. In the event that I had the contact details of two art directors/editors at the same company, I sent each of them a different image. I'm not sure what would work best, but in my opinion putting it in an envelope wouldn't be a good idea as it's an extra step for them to see your work (you've no guarantee they will bother opening the envelope!). With a postcard they see your work right away 🙂

  • @Hui-Li no personal experience to share with you I'm afraid, I'm just passing on what I've heard from others. I'd just be sure to make it as simple as possible to see the art and to pin it up, as Erin said.

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