What I've been working on during sept, oct, and nov

  • Hi ya'll

    I haven't participated in the last few contests even though I reallyyy wanted to. Especially inktober. Even though i did all 31 days of inktober haha.

    I had a fun Idea for Slowvember too but I'll do that anyway after I'm done with what I'm currently working on.

    I thought I'd share with you what it is! it's my sci fi comic! I signed up for a making comics class over at SVA in nyc (a continuing education class) with Carl Potts. And every week I had to do 2 pages of comics, 1 inked and the following page penciled. I think because of the time crunch, my art suffered a bit but still turned out ok I think. I'm not happy with it so I'm going to redo it. Not because I think it's bad, even though i can do better, but because I figured out after the fact what I actually want to say with the comic and how I want to say it. But I thought I'd share with you what has kept me busy!

    pg2.png pg3.png

  • Things I've learned:
    I hate hand lettering..but now know how to do it better!
    I dont like my style, so I working at improving that.
    I'm lazy with environmental details with small panels, so I'm playing around with that too
    I love drawing space stuff.
    I prefer a pen nib over a paint brush.
    Digital editing is unavoidable so dont get too frustrated at booboos

    I wish I could use this for slowvember but I don't think a 6pg comic is a valid submission hah but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

    I'm going to stick this into my portfolio for comics for now, until I make something better.

  • @Aleksey Sci fi comics are always winners in my books 🙂

    If I ate something with 'Tib sauce' and when I asked 'what's tib?' and the cook said 'I'm Tib!' I would be woooooooooorried, lol :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes: Memories of Slurm.

    And the whole comic may not be a good candidate for slowvember, but the cover sure would be 🙂

    I'm also curious to see what horrors await at cowboy cob's...

  • @Braden-Hallett haha thanks Braden. Yeah i think submitting something would be good. I think i can improve the cover with satellites and planets and maybe a meteorite or 2. I appreciate the suggestion.

  • Yay! Food and sci-fi- you've hit the spot for me.

    It's inspiring to see how much work you got done, what you've learned, and what your game plan is now. Keep us updated!

  • Moderator

    @Aleksey Very Cool. 👍

  • @TessaW thanks! Yeah I love food stuffs. I watched midnight diner and samurai gourmet on Netflix. I want more shows like that! But yeah scifi food haha

    @burvantill thanks 😃 I very excited for this project

    I wanna make it a free webcomic for all to enjoy

  • "I can't wait to pitch this to my boss tomorrow".

    Hahahaha loved this scene, loved the light humor of the entire story.
    I would love to see a cover, you should submit it! 🙂

  • @Elena-Marengoni haha thanks im glad you enjoyed this. I will definitely submit the cover

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