Dec 3rd Thursday WIP - Thoughts? UPDATE

  • My first time entering this 🙂 Just starting to play with values. This was one of two ideas...

    Trying to keep it simple and work on rendering it well! Would love to hear some thoughts on the overall design/concept etc. - Santa calling on a certain October holiday for a little help here 🙂

    Also thinking of adding some 'magic dust' around them consisting of red and white peppermints and candy corn... hmmmm. Thanks guys!


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    @carlenevick Hi this is a fun concept, love the witch's expression. Here is a quick draw over for some ideas on how to make it more dynamic and increase the storytelling etc. Hope it helps! Great start.

  • Ooo great tips! Thanks so much! Can't wait to get stuck into those adjustments!

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    Looks good! I agree with Charlie's thoughts - also I recall Lee White mentioning that a straight broomstick might be too static - to put a little curve into it to give it life...not sure of his exact words but that was the spirit of it - might be worth giving a quick try - ..

  • Great idea!
    Maybe try varying the sizes of Santa, the witch and the Bag to create interest. For example, I would try making the witch smaller, Santa bigger and the bag really big (almost falling of). Or, maybe Santa is the biggest shape, the bag is medium and the witch is small. Right now the three shapes are medium size.

    I can't wait to see it progress!

  • Update... taken most of the previous notes into consideration and really had a great time working with that feedback - thanks again!

    Thoughts after color etc. has started to be worked with?


  • Is it me, or does this look sexual? The expressions and position. Maybe put the bag between them, or have Santa hanging under the broom for dear life? I apologize if I'm way off... also shouldn't her legs also be green? Another angle might be to have Santa holding on to her shirt with one hand, his body flying up parallel to the broom, with the bag in his other hand.

  • I uhhh... thought the same thing. Looks a little naughty! They should be separated.

  • Definitely naughty!

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    and maybe move his hands lower...or to her shoulders hehe...he's pretty much holding her boobs lol

  • @Lynn-Larson a little side boob! haha

  • Oh God lol. Well, that's why I asked! I never saw any of that but now... well, just say I'm heading back to the drawing board! 😕

  • @carlenevick said:

    Oh God lol. Well, that's why I asked! I never saw any of that but now... well, just say I'm heading back to the drawing board! 😕

    sorry... 😞

  • Hey, better to know now right lol?

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    @DanetteDraws Her grin looks like she doesn't mind hehe

    @carlenevick Yes! Definitely better to know now! Don't feel a bit bad, us adults enjoyed it lol

  • Not gonna lie, feeling pretty embarrassed that everyone got a chuckle lol... perhaps I need to work on my skills before sharing again. Thanks for all your input though.

  • Don't get me wrong, I also felt the fear you tried to convey of him being on the broom. But too many things added up to that other depiction. " Is that a broomstick in your pants or are you just happy to see me? "

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    @carlenevick - Please don't stop sharing your work - we are here to learn from one another - I don't know anyone on this forum but I consider you all my friends - So I hope folks don't mind my saying there was a slight lapse of decorum with the replies - I think Bobby was very careful in how he worded the subject when he first brought it up so as to not cause embarrassment - it is hard because we do not really know each other but we are here for criticism - I think giving an honest and hard critique and saying things you are unsure of is taking a risk and I think we are here because we are willing to take those risks and we are willing to take the criticism too - but I know I don't want to discourage someone or cause embarrassment - so please keep on posting!

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    I love the colors and the candy corn and peppermints around them. I really like the way you rendered Santa Claus. Maybe one of them could be riding side saddle 🙂

  • I love this idea - so creative! Please don't feel bad - I think we've all had this happen (I know I have and I draw almost exclusively animals!). I've also had people tell me that an elk I drew with closed eyes looked "like a zombie" and many other funny things...It doesn't have anything to do with your skills - it has to do with the fact that it's hard to adjust our perception to separate what we've drawn and the intention in our heads as artists. That's why we have to use little tricks to help us see our mistakes, like holding our drawing up to a mirror, taking a picture of it with our cell phone or looking at it upside down. Only then can we start to see what's "just not right." When fellow artists get a chuckle at a foible, it's done with the greatest fellowship since we've seriously all been there. This one will just take a little tweak. I hope you'll keep posting - you've got good ideas!

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