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  • Hello community 😃 I'm new in the forum (few days) and to SVS (some weeks). After the podcast on building portfolio I went to find out what are all the different fields of illustration, as it was said that you should know your market and choose an area. Maybe you guys are interested in this link I found: 45 markets of illustration. I knew many of them, but a lot were new to me. Still it misses some, like boardgame designs ...

    And for introducing me shortly: I've been studying Design (focus on illustration) before I had my three kids (and some drastic events in my life) and a looong break from drawing and everything. I have published 4 books meanwhile studying in Germany (two were study projects in collaboration with publishers, two projects were lucky gifts from the universe). Now it's time for me to refresh everything I've learned those many years ago (12!!!) and learn a lot of new awesome things. Building my portfolio is the next step for me. Hope to find inspiration & feedback here and to be able to share what I know ❤ I'm currently living in Portugal and want to work for the german market (that's where I come from). I suppose there are differences in some points. But here's a good place to start from I guess. Happy to meet you all!

  • @Meta great to have you here. Welcome!

    Thanks for sharing the link very informative.

  • @Meta welcome just added you to my Instagram. We will be here for you when you share.

  • Hello @Meta THank you for sharing this information. I looked at your stuff on Instagram and I really like your style. I look forward to seeing your stuff as you post it here on the forums!

  • Thank you @chrisaakins! I havn't loked around a lot in the forum yet, but I'm slowly getting into it. I don't know where I'm heading with my style yet, but I have an urge to earn money now ... I've not had a working desk the last 5 years, but now I finally do! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth: I'm happy I found this community!

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    @Meta welcome!

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