Adobe Fresco or ProCreate?

  • Would like feedback of the pros and cons of both from people who use them...I am about to get the newest iPad and would like to know which one to use with it. I like the idea of the Fresco being able to watercolor but the price of the ProCreate is very attractive compared to Adobe's monthly fee.
    Also, a question: Can you print text in either one? (Like for a children's book)
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    Arent Draper

  • I’ve only played with Fresco a bit, but I wasn’t really impressed. Maybe as they continue to develop it will feel more polished but right now I think drawing on the iPad is rightfully dominated by ProCreate.

    I can’t speak for text in Fresco but it does exist and quite well for the iPad, in ProCreate.

    Procreate is supposed to get a large update before the end of the year and unless I’m mistaken it will have a watercolor engine similar to that of Frescos, which is pretty cool.

  • @jakecrowe
    Thanks SO much for letting me know (I had not heard of the ProCreate update and with that news, I'm going with ProCreate!) I will be sure to check out the details. Thanks again

  • I 2nd Procreate wholeheartedly.

    Yes, you can add text. It's not amazing, but basic text can be added as a layer pretty easily and then moved around.

    A huge gripe I have with Fresco is it appears based on what Adobe is telling people that you need the full monthly CC subscription to access it in 6 months from now. So essentially anyone with the photoshop subscription won't be able to use it unless they upgrade.

    So not only is the monthly pricing not attractive, it's going to get MORE expensive most likely down the road.

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    Is Adobe Sketch not an option anymore? My wife just got me an iPad Pro for our anniversary.

  • @jdubz Adobe are doing a upgrade offer £30 for the full CC programs,but I am still not sure most people would not use all of them.

  • @arent-draper Procreate definitely! but be sure to try Fresco out for free.

  • I haven't tried frescoe, but I've got nothin' but good things to say about procreate. Cheap, constantly updated and a whole lot of tutorials and content.

    And you sure can use text with it. I know people who manufacture their webcomics/books on procreate exclusively.

  • @DOTTYP Still being locked into $30/mo to use some of the programs still doesn't sound appealing, which eventually might go up. Most people I know just have the photography one for $10.

    At this point I'm just waiting for programs like Affinity to catch up. Sketchbook by Autodesk is getting pretty close also.

  • @jdubz I know you have to think it comes to over £300 a year. I am trying to work towards an alternate for my Adobe photography plan ,Clip studio Paint is really good for painting and a lot of people seem to like Artstudio on Ipad. Why do you think Sketchbook is good ?

  • @DOTTYP Sketchbook is, in my opinion, the absolute best free painting app that exists. The brushes feel extremely similar to Photoshop, and making brushes is easier than Photoshop in my opinion. The workflow is also pretty similar in how the layering and layer modes work. Plus, there are a ton of brush packs for free out there.

    It's also free for both desktop AND iPad, meaning you have instant continuity.

    What it lacks are a lot of features for text and photo manipulation and tools that PS has built over the years, but for a raw drawing app I'd say you could easily push out professional finished pieces on it.

  • @jdubz Thanks I do have free Sketchbook you have reminded me to give it another chance

  • @DOTTYP Check out this video here: and you can see some of the workflow for coloring, and there are some other vids from that same guy that talk about how to make brushes also. It's a good place to start.

  • @jdubz Thanks Josh the video looks really useful

  • I use Procreate and love it. I uploaded aa youtube video how to export full picutre book dummies last week and posted a link for the forum. Now i dont need InDesign to do that anymore. Ive tried adobes sketch program, but it was so limited compared to Procreate. And procreate is rolling out a new update soon and it will be even better. They have my vote hands down.

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    I'll add my 2¢ to the chorus: Procreate all the way.

    I tried Adobe Fresco as part of my CC subscription. It does a few things very beautifully--watercolor and oils, specifically. The larger brushes seem to have a lot of lag, of course, so it's not a perfectly fluid experience. But it's hard to argue with the results.

    That being said, Procreate has ways of rendering specific aspects of those mediums just as nicely if you know how to do it. What you lose in depth you gain in versatility and breadth of capacity. There is not another app out there that can do as much as Procreate in the way it does it for the amount of money it costs (Affinity Designer & Photo do more but they are more expensive and have a less robust brush engine). Hands down, Procreate is clearly the industry standard for art on the iPad, as much as other apps might have a huge following.

    And it is soon going to be capable of doing even more than it can already. Updates are free. $10 forever. Adobe Fresco cannot make that claim. It appears Adobe will require an overpriced subscription fee to use it after 6 months, and it's necessary to download and switch between their multiple apps to do most of what Procreate can do all by itself. Plus, the promised "Photoshop for iPad" to be released this year seems to be woefully incomplete (many are speculating Apple pushed Adobe to make the announcement to increase sales for their new iPads). In short, I don't have faith that Adobe will develop Fresco further than its current state.

    Give Procreate a shot. It's as expensive as a fast food meal. And it won't increase your cholesterol.

  • I've been testing Adobe Fresco for a while now. It's definitely getting better all the time, I love all the different brushes and it syncs well with photoshop. The developers keep adding stuff and updating it. Users suggest what they want added and there is a forum voting to bump up the most urgent features. Like they are just about to add a ruler for drawing straight lines in the next update.
    With regards to the subscription model, this hasn't been decided yet as a lot of users complained about charging extra for those that have the photography sub. I'm hoping they will also have an option for people to buy it as a standalone app.
    I've barely used procreate so I can't compare the two.

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    For the price. I’d go with procreate.

  • @MirkaH "Now i dont need InDesign to do that anymore." - Just FYI for anyone that want to do this also on a desktop, make sure you look at Affinity Publisher. $50 for a license and you own it forever and it comes with updates. It's completely replaced my multi-page publishing and it can handle anything most of us are doing easily.

  • Personally, I love the UI of Procreate. It does what its supposed to do, stays out of the way and just works. I've been using it since my second generation iPad and generally love it for painting/illustration work.

    That said...I've been making an intentional effort to learn the Adobe products, because it's included in the CC stuff I'm already paying for, so I've been using Fresco foe a few weeks now. It's by far the best version of all of their offerings. The watercolor and live brushes features are nice, but the ability to export to vector is huge. When using Procreate I kept having to jump into Photoshop, then tighten up the layers, and then vectorize each piece back in Illustrator for reassembly. If you're doing any large format or logo work it saves all kinds of time.

    I guess it just comes down to what you want to use it for.

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