Short Question about Paper- Traditional

  • So years of schooling has given me an excess of drawing and printing/watercolour paper but I’ve used them already and many are a ridiculously large size to frame.

    My question is can I reuse them, ie whether cut them to common sizes and draw on the back or simply flip them over and do the same, and could I sell them? Paper quality is really nice, I don’t like to sell them as they are, nor do I want to throw them out. As a buyer would you care if there was another if not partial work on the back of a work you just bought? And if yes would I need to inform the buyer that there is work on the other side?

    I would do this only up until I used up everything and then I would buy and use new paper.


  • @Heather-Boyd Maybe you could paint over the back in a plain colour /white it would then look more professional and as long as the original painting does not show through to the front

  • I've actually heard of people buying used paper and using the back but I think it would have to be special paper or real cheap.

    I have the same problem, paper with failed art attempts on one side. Some ideas for how to use the paper...
    -finished art pieces (who cares what the back looks like, right?)
    -lining your ferret cage
    -creating traditional textures for digital use
    -give away the old art as gifts
    -taping up on your windows to block light
    -color studies
    -experimenting with mediums
    -let a toddler draw on it
    -make your own, new paper from it
    -making confetti

    At least this is how I used up my old paper, minus the ferret cage.

  • I have a friend who cuts up or folds/creases/tears the paintings she isn't chuffed about into things like bookkmarks and gift tags. She uses them herself and also sells them too.

  • @Heather-Boyd pulp it and make posh papier-mâché. Then you could make a maquette or use for collage.

  • Seriously, I hear you!
    How I handle that I recycle as much as possible. Please believe me, I have a ton of art "wanna-a-be" art leftovers....Do I feel guilty? OH YES! So, I put my "learners" to good use and use the backs (if it turns out good and I want to sell it, I frame it and seal it)....the rest, I put in the recycle, if its not usable. and in truth, I am almost to the point of wanting to plant a tree to make up for my waste while learning.

  • SVS OG

    @Heather-Boyd This is just me tho. I would really prefer a new piece of good quality paper. I kinda feel like your cheaping out on me by reusing old paper. But then again this is me. Take this with a grain of salt. 🙂

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