Introduction - hello and nice to meet you!

  • Hi everyone. I'm Janet. I recently signed up for SVS and watched my first critique today which was really inspiring.

    I have a biology degree but then studied illustration part-time at Emily Carr University of Art & Design in Vancouver. It was good but not as in-depth and focused as SVS so I'm very happy to be here.

    I work as the colourist on the Laser Moose and Rabbit Boy middle-grade graphic novel series from Andrews McMeel. That's been fun, and occasionally rather hair-raising but I have learned so much on the job. Who knew comics flatting was a thing?!

    I'm working on developing more of my own stories. I want to improve everything especially my drawing, composition, and character design. I work with ink but also make miniatures which I'm starting to incorporate into my artwork. Not sure where that's all going yet, but it's been pretty fun to play with for now. I'm also interested in editorial illustration.

    In the next year my goal is to get a dummy book picture book together to pitch to kidlit agents. I'm also trying to take more risks and put more work out there.


    One of my characters, Jeff, night manager of a rather unusual supermarket.


    Jeff: "Who left this here?"Experimental paper scene with miniature.

    And here are some doughnuts. Nom nom nom.


  • Lol the doughnuts made laugh. Hello and welcome I hope to see more of your stuff cause I'm really liking Jeff.😀

  • Wow! Your miniatures are perfectly realistic!

    This Jeff character reminds me of Dwight from (the US version of) "The Office" tv show. (Are you sure he's not the Assistant to the night manager? Ha, ha! 😉 )

    The forum is a good place to put your art out there & ask for feedback. I've received some valuable help and advice from the members here. It's a great group!

    I love how detailed and specific the classes are here, too! I really enjoy how SVS offers technical information and intellectual concepts & advice. I also appreciate how they talk about the way things relate to the real world.

    I'm kind of sporadic on here (due to my health), but I'll look forward to seeing you around. Good luck with your book--that will be an exciting project!

    I missed the live critique, so I'll have to see if it's been posted. It would be fun see an entry from you on the next contest!

  • Welcome to the forums 😃 ! Super neat stuff with the cut out characters.

  • Are those donuts real? If not, they sure do look real!

    Welcome to the forums fellow Canadian! What is comics flattening? All I can think of (I just realized I can easily google this) is flattening Photoshop layers. Am I right? Now to check google....

  • So fun! You should do more with the paper cut-out thing. It would be fun to see a story in that format.

    Glad to have you here.

  • SVS OG

    Great stuff, and the doughnuts are a perfect size for maintaining my waistline 🙂 I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work.

  • SVS OG

    @J-L-Martin i love those miniature snacks of yours

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    Welcome to the forums!

  • Hi welcome!

    I love Jeff, nice work there.

    Oh my goodness, miniature donuts. How? What are they made of?

  • Thanks for the welcome! So glad to be part of this community.

    @DarleneAnico Thanks! Glad you like crazy Jeff.

    @Miriam Ha ha. I don't watch The Office but I know who Dwight is and can totally see Dwight in there. Maybe Jeff needs a name change, or a demotion. 😃

    @Braden-Hallett Thanks very much!

    @danielerossi Yay Canada and the Maple Glaze doughnut! I wish the doughnuts were real! 😃 Thanks for asking about flatting. It's the process of separating areas of a page of linework into colours and then making sure the flats extend properly "behind" the linework for offset printing. I had to teach myself but there are loads of great tutorials out there if you search for "comics flatting". There are also some great plugins out there to speed up the process.

    @TessaW Thanks very much for the encouragement.

    @demotlj Lol. If only all the doughnuts I ate were this size. 🙂

    @nyrryl-cadiz Thanks!

    @Chip-Valecek Thanks glad to be here.

    @TwiggyT Thanks! The wee doughnuts are made of polymer clay, chalk pastels, and acrlyic glaze on the shiny bits.

  • Moderator

    Welcome! 😃 Love the cutout with the banana. Fun.

  • @burvantill Hey! Thanks a bunch (:D bad banana joke). The banana was really fun to make although took me ages to get the shape right.

  • @J-L-Martin I thought that was a real banana and you took a photo and then put the image together digitally. Amazing miniature food making skills!

  • @neschof Aw thanks - I'm so glad you thought it was real! Here's a fun little vid of the same banana I used in that drawing showing the scale.

  • @J-L-Martin Very cool 🙂

  • Welcome! Best wishes in all your endeavors! Great art and miniature mash-up... to me it really looks professional. I honestly wasn’t expecting the sketch to become something so awesome, so I was surprised when I scrolled down and saw your supermarket scene. I’m also into miniatures, but just miniature paintings... not as cool as 3D. 🙂

  • @KathrynAdebayo Thanks so much. I'm hoping to greatly improve all my drawing and composition skills. That stuff does not come easy to me at all and I'm very conscious of learning more toward the writing than the illustration side. So...lots to work on. I checked out your etsy store and your miniature paintings are quite amazing! I love the sea horse especially.

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