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  • Hello! My name Is Alesia and I am 32 and currently living in Germany with my husband, daughter, and two cats. I am originally from Alabama.

    Just wanted to introduce myself and say that SVSlearn has been amazing so far. I just joined a few weeks ago and have been consuming the classes. I have no formal training as an artist, I did take art classes in high school, but that's it. I'm self taught otherwise and had fallen into a rut when it came to art. I haven't really done anything serious for a couple years. I struggle with perspective and compostition but the classes here have explained techniques in such a way that it all makes way more sense than it ever has for me. Part of me is upset I didn't find this sooner, but the other part is glad I found it now because I have my own experiences to tie the lessons to and apply what I'm learning with the skills I already have.

    Anyway, I'm excited to be here and I'm working on a piece for the September prompt. Maybe I'll post my WIP here if I get brave enough. I've also started an instagram account for my art. It'll be mostly older pieces until I've finished some new ones! [](link url)

  • @Alesia-Roosma Hello Alesia nice to meet you and Welcome. I am sure you will learn a lot and have fun at SVS.

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    Welcome to the forum!

  • Hi Alesia! I am new too! Welcome!

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    Welcome! I love your Robin Hood piece! 😃 👍
    BTW, Your profile says your 13. 😜

  • @burvantill haha whoops, so it does. Thanks for pointing that out, it is now fixed! :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_smiling_eyes:

  • Hi Alesia, and welcome!

  • Welcome! Please do post your WIP!

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    @Alesia-Roosma Welcome to the forums!

  • Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I decided I'd like some feedback on my piece for the September prompt. The backstory is that the girl, Callie Coco, loves all cats and hasn't met a cat that didn't eventually like her. That is until she met Mr. Prickles, the cactus cat. All her usual tactics for winning over cats don't work on this strange cryptid creature so shes forced to think outside the box and figure out how to befriend him. She eventually does and is so proud she brings him to school.
    Callie herself is very catlike, mischiveous and playful.

    So heres what I have so far, and a quick reference for Mr. Prickles. My main questions are: Does the lighting read mid morning or evening? Should I add items like backpacks, lunch boxes, balls, etc, or would that make it too busy?
    Thanks for looking and taking time to help me out 🙃
    mr prickles.jpg

  • @Alesia-Roosma I would add something, that it shows as "school house" or school kids, like you said, some backpacks or some banner with "school" on it. Alltogether it looks very nice.

  • @MichaelaH Thanks! And good point about the school not looking like a school. I'll add some backpacks and some more identifiers that make the building look more schoolish 😄

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