September WIP Wicked

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    My idea is that Elphaba shows up to class with a wand and Galinda is jealous. Do you think Elphaba needs her left hand showing? And is it okay to have things go off the edge? Do I need other reactions from students or is it ok to have them implied?

    Also I think you might need to know the story but Galinda does not respect the goat teacher so she gives him a boot, someone gave him a can (does that read as a bite mark?) cuz you know goats will eat anything? Elphaba does respect him as a teacher so she gives him an apple. I don’t think people have to get that to get the picture but it is an added layer for those who do, if that is clear at all?

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    Also what do you think of Galinda’s gesture?

  • Not knowing the back story, I think the idea of goats eating junk is clear. To me, I read it as Galinda being jealous of the teacher loving the apple more than the junk that her and others have brought. I think the jealousy is clear, so I feel you've captured your intended mood. I think it's fine to cut things out of the frame, I'd just be careful of Elphaba's hat point meeting at the very edge of the frame. I'd cut it out more, or give it more room to breathe. Galinda's gesture seems fine to me.

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    @TessaW thanks for the feedback!

  • I agree with Tessa that the jealous and pleased expressions are clear, but for the competition prompt where everyone was “shocked” might call for some classmates or other characters to convey the shock called for.

    Cute concept and kid versions of Galinda and Elphaba.

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