Hello from the Netherlands!

  • Hi all!

    Pretty excited to be part of this forum! Many thanks so far to SVS for providing invaluable classes and a great podcast.
    Loving the discussions and it's been an enormous help in my work!

    My name is Wouter Pasman, living in Amersfoort, The Netherlands. I'm a proud dad of 2 kids and full-time graphic designer for the past 7 years. This year I committed myself in developing my illustration skills further with the goal to make a career as an independent illustrator and to illustrate (and write) my very own children's book. It will be awesome to read it to my kids.

    My biggest challenge is time, which is very limited. I mostly draw in the nightly hours after work when the kids are in bed, their mess they left behind cleaned up and if I don't fall asleep... It's hard to keep your concentration after a long day, so I'm hoping I can finish my first book before my kids are off to college. πŸ˜‰

    I have no prior education in Arts, so I'm looking for classes and communities like SVS to help me develop in storytelling, composition, the use of light and shadow and provide valuable feedback on my work. I'm looking forward in contributing to this community in any way I can.

    Below a first picture I've illustrated recently. It was fun to discover my style of illustration and I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations for it. Thanks a lot!



  • hello Wouter! welcome! I also want to illustrate a book for my nephew and niece. It has been almost 2 years already I have been working on it. Progress are slow because, unlike you, I am a total neophyte; there is a lot to learn here from the forum. People do amazing things! and are very very kind to share their process and tips.
    Have fun! I am looking forward to see more of your drawings!

  • Hello welcome here, full time job, family and night time working, I understand, is not easy.

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    @Wouter-Pasman welcome to the forum@

  • Welcome! Your art looks awesome! πŸ˜ƒ

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    @Wouter-Pasman Welcome to the forums!

  • Welcome!

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    Welcome πŸ™‚

  • Welcome! That illustration is great! Despite your lack of arts education, it looks like you already have some solid skills under your belt. Hope to see you around and best of luck to you.

  • @Julia Thanks! Yes, progress has been slow. 1 picture took me around 2/3 months to finish πŸ™‚ but I think this is also because I didn't find my illustration style yet.. So I'm still in the process of 'how shall I draw a tree?', 'how shall I draw a stone', 'how much details, texture etc.' Once I grasped this I think it might speed up.

  • Thanks everybody! Happy to be part of the forum πŸ™‚

  • @Wouter-Pasman that’s really good Wouter

  • Heya wouter. First time I've heard that name before, it's cute:smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:

  • @Wouter-Pasman welcome glad to have you here.

    Time is always a struggle, but I figure as long as I keep moving forward I will get there even if I am slow...

    I love your example piece, looks like you have a good start.

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