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  • Hello, everyone!
    I just joined SVS for a trial period and I am trying to find my way around, getting an idea what the classes look like, how the forums work, etc

    I have a question, if you don’t mind: are there ‘accountability/ feedback’ groups for the SVS classes where the students going through a specific class can share their progress, ask questions to the teachers or fellow participants, see how others approached the class, etc?
    I saw something similar when I looked under ‘SVS Class Work’ but only for a couple of classes. But I was wondering if the other SVS classes have something similar?

    Thank you 🙂

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    @Alina I hope you are finding the classes informative. So much great content available. As far as accountability, that is all on you LOL. @Braden-Hallett has been leading some group classroom work week by week. I think that is a great idea to get more people involved.

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    Welcome 🙂. You have come to the right place. The svs forum is pretty much the best community of artists that i have found. They are friendly and supportive. We work together doing classes. It’s all very informal though. So whatever you are working on, thinking about, looking for help on, just put it out in a new post or search and find a post related to whatever it is and you will get a bunch of help., support, encouragement, thoughtful conversation, etc. The range of topics that we have discussed on this forum is huge. And believe it or not there are no trolls here. 😜🙂

  • Yes, like others have mentioned, that kind of group is something you'd have to start yourself. Others might join in, but you are unlikely to get feedback from instructors. For something more formal and interactive, you'd need to join one of the live classes that they offer from time to time.

    My suggestion would to put out a post on what class you are planning to go through and see if anyone wants to do it too! Even if you get no takers on a particular class, there will still be people here to give you feedback if you want to post class work.

  • Hello, welcome !
    I was wondering about that too. I see some people are taking the INK class together but I missed the start of it so I was wondering if we could start our own.

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    @Roxane-Ferreira of course! 😃 I think the only real rule in the forum is don't be mean. 🤣😜

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you all very much for your responses. Yes, it seems like there's a lot of great content here. I'm enjoying it so far. I also start getting a feel of how it works and the forums do seem to be very friendly. Thanks again: )

  • @Roxane-Ferreira

    You can also work on that inking class even though it’s been started. I have no doubt people will take a look and Braden would comment if you tagged him. 🙂 its not too late!

  • @Heather-Boyd It's never too late 😃

  • @Alina Welcome and great question. Periodically a group will pop here around taking a class together. @Braden-Hallett has been coordinating the last couple; there was one on Creative Composition, and I facilitated one on Gestures a while ago.
    It's helpful if you give a little lead time, like "I'm thinking of doing x, y or z starting on November 1-is anyone interested in joining me?" and then you might coalesce around "b".

    Facilitating the group takes a bit of effort (see Braden's top post each week-laying out assignments; and then cheerleading a little bit for the group)--but I found as a "newbie" it also set me up at that time as a contributing member of this community. I think the SVS guys talk on their podcasts of putting in to the pot quite a bit before asking to "withdraw" (take out)---

    For me, the public accountability in the thread of "i am going to do this"--really helped motivate me.

    This is a GREAT community-and even more so for us stepping up and helping it be what we need it to be.

  • @Susan-Marks Hmmm. Such an intriguing point!
    I have to say that, leaving aside the fact that for now I am just in my ‘try it out’ shoes, even if a permanent member I kind of hesitated considering the idea of starting such a group myself. I didn’t feel that, as a newbie, I would have much to contribute...
    But I really love what you mentioned about ‘putting in the pot’! Something to ponder on ...
    Thank you for the message and encouragement 🙂

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