Featured Student Special Edition: Inktober

  • SVS Team

    Thank you to everyone that has submitted something so far! It is a lot of fun seeing how each of you approached Inktober this year.

  • Haven't been checking the forum in a little while, but I have been consistently posting my inktober inks! This year I tried to tell a simple story through my inks and didn't stick to a prompt.
    IMG_3019.jpg IMG_3114.jpg

  • Since I was in the middle of drawing my 100 bears when Inktober hit, I decided to simply continue and include them in every Inktober prompt (a challenge within a challenge - cue evil laugh!). These are the two that best tell stories - PATTERN and DARK. Learned a lot between the 2 - learned crosshatching and inkwash this year! PATTERN (2).jpg DARK (2).jpg

  • No concept or story, but decided on a whim to go back to scribbling, something that spontaneously occurred during inktober 2017 and was surprisingly freeing. I forgot about it until I discovered scribble-hatching is actually a “technique” by participating in the inking class with @Braden-Hallett & friends. My challenge was to work digitally in procreate (technical pen), complete each scribble as quickly as possible and (gulp) go public on instagram.

    After posting my late-to-the-party #inktober5k scribble on instagram, @clcanadyarts referred me to a very interesting Ted talk by artist Phil Hansen who was advised by a neurologist to “embrace the shakes” after suffering permanent nerve damage (from single-minded pursuit of pointillism). https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=anujFqvCJsk. For those of us stuck on preoccupation with outcomes/products, the concept of destruction is thought-provoking as well.

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    @BichonBistro 💜💜 Beautiful.

  • @xin-li Things don't need to be perfect to be wonderful. ❤

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  • @CLCanadyArts thanks for the encouragement and the youtube reference!

  • SVS OG

    This year I challenged myself and added a story arc to the Inktober prompts. This demon character went on an adventure!

    IMG_20191002_225720_483.jpg IMG_20191004_233445_101.jpg IMG_20191012_232320_986.jpg

  • @Miriam Thanks for the tips! I'm still trying to navigate as I go along