Work on my Portfolio (ongoing)

  • Hey Guys! I just wanted to create one of these threats as well to post bits and pieces I am working on for my portfolio so Perhaps I can get the occasional bit of feedback or any observations another set of eyes might have on how my portfolio is developing.

    This is it right now:

    I've been advised to do some more child-focused pieces with more mundane situations! The mundane situations bit hasn't happened yet, but I have started working on some ink drawings for book illustrations and generally tuned my work to be more narrative focused, I think.
    Below a few of my most recent portfolio pieces, and I'll go from there!





    My goal is to go into the Publishing Industry for early-teens. Chapter Books, Bookcovers, Spot illustrations primarily, perhaps boardgames. I am trying to get to a point where I can send out postcards! I don't think I'm miles off, but I'm not sure exactly what that point will look like ^____^

    Anyway, enjoy browsing I guess, and all and any feedback is appreciated.

  • Thi s is great Idea, I love to follow only one post to see the changes and new illustrations from one author (you Nelly). So looking forward to see more, would liek to see some precess illustrations and thumbnails also to see how it is before it is the finished piece.

  • Right now I'm working on some thumbnails for bookcovers to add to my portfolio. I was initially thinking of doing these for inktober, but I can already tell they'll be coloured in a not-inky way sooner or later, so I'm not sure yet if they're inktober material!

    These are some initial ideas. I just threw out a few different ones that felt alright, might go back to thumbnail different versions when I get around to them.




  • Only crit I've got is on the second cover image. The sky and the ground share equal space on the page, I would either favor the sky or the ground/house/trees so that things aren't so evenly balanced and the image has a little more interest.

  • @Nathalie-Kranich I like that the trees are pointing to the sky (title), I would move the whole composition down, so that there will more sky? The monte christo I don't have anything to tell there, but would move the title little bit. The first alice, is to thumbnail to think of something now. Great covers you think of Nelly

  • Thanks @Perrij and @MichaelaH , good catch on the ground-sky comp in the second, I'll have a look at that when I work more on these.

  • b1c1c1eb-a176-41d6-b645-08927b210dfd-image.png

    some progress on this one, tried to improve on the component balance and started pushing some more of the traditional looking textures my work is missing for children's publishing. Loads to do on that still!

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