The Monkey King / critique

  • Hey guys, I am looking for feedback
    any thoughts will be much appreciated
    Thank you.



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    @Sami-K Can you give us some parameters regarding what kind of feedback you're looking for? Is it the quality of line or color? Source of light? Story? Character?

    Is there a context for the illustration--for example, is it part of a story or a character rendering? Is it a practice project for you?

    I think we can respond to you with constructive criticism if you give us a framework for what you're looking for...

  • I think overall- it's pretty successful! The perspective is dynamic and imposing which is perfect for the character. I think the text is a good pairing with your rendering style. A few small critiques:

    1. I think you lost some of the dynamism of the sketch- specifically the gesture of the cloth on his weapon blowing in the wind as well as the loss of scarring on his face. Those qualities in the sketch helped gave it a little extra treat to the viewer that was not carried over to the final.

    2. Maybe it's just me but I feel the lack of an ear is distracting.

    Anyway, again, great job overall!

  • @Coreyartus

    Hi Corey thank you for asking,

    actually there is no story behind the character.

    I am looking for a critique regarding the technique, line work, light and shadows.

    thank you.

  • @TessaW

    Hi Tessa,

    thank you for reaching out and your absolutely right about the change of clothes dynamics, Also the ear thing blew my mind and how I ACTUALLY FORGOT TO INCLUDE AN EAR looool.

    thank you so much!!

  • @TessaW



  • I would liek to see the monkey with gigger ear to compare, now the ear is almost the same size like ihis nostril

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    I think your inking and cell shading is really great! The gold hue really pops against the dark background, and your line weight variations really communicate an organic quality to the whole thing!

    I wonder if maybe the the circle and rays radiating from it in the upper right don't somehow contradict the direction of your lighting coming from the left. I say that simply because the subtle (maybe unintended?) implication is that it's a moon or something that is radiating rays that might be interpreted as moonbeams, maybe... If that's the case, I'd urge you to deepen the shadows and bump the highlights a bit more because it looks like, to my eye, that he's been caught in a different cast light source coming from the left and staring down whoever is carrying it. I wonder if you push that source of light to be more evident, the less powerful backlight from the apparent moon might help it seem less contradictory. Does that make sense?

    The great jungle leaves behind him really help set an atmosphere of being in the dark because they seem so shadow and windswept. It's a lovely impression! Well done!

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