Is this illustration too dark? Photoshop for dummies practice continues :) open to critiques

  • I'm trying to keep working on my photoshop skills .....trying to get another one under my belt.
    Is this too dark?
    (supposed to be a nightime scene)
    I am trying to figure out different types of layers and gradients etc to make it readable and at same time keep the night time feel. It looks different on my laptop and on my tv screen hookup too 😛
    anything else can be commented on as well besides lighting! !]
    here are two versions (one I thought too dark and tried to lighten with color dodge layer)
    thanks for any thoughts!magic-whenlittlegirl'sdreamcomealivebynightsmall2.jpg

  • @Coley To me it is reading a little on the dark side and the highlights look very intense for a night time scene. There is a lot you can do with color to imply night time without darkening your image too much (see the example below). I would try incorporating some cooler colors and making the light source more of a blue light than a warm yellow or white.


  • @StudioLooong excellent, thank you so much. this was helpful 🙂

  • @Coley I was struggling with the same thing some weeks back with another illustration. One of the fellow SVS students gave a very good advice: search "Night illustration" or something similar on Pinterests, and pay attention to how much bright colors some of the illustrations have, and try to incorprate some of the color into your own piece. Hope that helps.

  • @xin-li yes that's very helpful, thank-you 🙂

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