Superstition WIP

  • Hi there. It's been a very long time since I participated in this forum, so you probably don't remember me. That's ok. Starting fresh because I want to improve more and it's a challenge to find helpful critique and like minds near me. Hooray for internet!

    So I'm kicking things off slowly by doing the August challenge and I chose Dandelions as my superstition topic. I can't count how many of those little puffs I blew on and made wishes, but none of them ever came true 😩


  • Welcome back to the forums 🙂 I like the concept, but apart from a girl blowing dandelions I feel that it doesn't tell much of a story. It would be quite interesting to show what happens perhaps after she blows the dandelion if you want to go a magical way, or how about a hill full of blown dandelions and a defeated girl?

  • @Gary-Wilkinson Hm... I see your point. I'll try some other ideas then. Cheers! 👍🏼

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    @Amanda-Jean thats a hard one to pull off. I think as far as telling a story, what if she was just holding that nasty weed ( I don't like those dandelions LOL) and thinking about her wish?

  • Ooh I like this idea and I love your initial drawing and composition! Maybe you could add some swirls and sparkles coming off the blown dandelion seeds to show that something magical is about to happen? I'm also thinking her right hand is angled up a bit too much?

  • @Chip-Valecek & @hannahmccaffery thanks. I'm going to rethink the whole concept though.... after pondering Gary's point above, I haven't yet pinned an idea on the story I want to tell yet. I was just "drawing a character" as is my usual thing, being in the mindset that I am no good at story writing, so I avoid it.

    Earlier I rewatched the Visual Storytelling Techniques video and will attempt to tackle it from the notes I made, to see if I can come up with something better.

  • Hi Amanda,

    Love your style! I agree with Gary's comment about your sketches not telling a story — yet. The answer is in your description "magic and folklore over the centuries, communication with spirits and dreams, fire and Jupiter." You've told quite the story with your words, now do it with your art!

    Connect her blowing of those magical seed heads up and up to those spirits and dreams instead of the forest. Make this story sing!

    Can't wait to see what you come up with.


  • @Su hey, thank you so much for that perspective! It gives me a new way to look at it that I didn't think through enough. And I haven't come back to this because I was trying to find something else that seemed 'interesting' enough for a story.... over-complicating things for myself again. You are an absolute gem for re framing it!

  • @Amanda-Jean Happy to help! I was so excited when I read your intro and know you'll live up to it. Trying to come up with my own superstition illo idea and yours really jumped out at me.

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