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    I’m found a weird superstition I liked for this months contest. Apparently in Vermont you can see houses with one window near the roofline that is diagonal, called a witch window. The superstition is that a witch cannot fly on her broomstick thru a diagonal window. (Guess she won’t notice the other windows LOL!) Anyway, here’s some rough ideas - please ignore perspective etc, this is just visual brainstorming.

    1 and 2 are the witch crashed on the side of the house, seen close up or further away. 3 is a view from inside, witch looking thru but can’t get in. 4 is a couple of kids making faces at the witch hovering outside. Do any of these convey the story of the superstition to you?
    Thank you!

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    @Kat 1 and 4 are my favorite. 1 I think tells the Superstition more since they can't fly through. 4 Is almost more of a "Before" moment. What if you combined both. Have the kids making the face while the witch is impacting the house. Or have the kids laughing at her.

  • Hey @Kat I agree with @Chip-Valecek I think combining 1 and 4 would be fun!

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    Thanks for the thoughts! Here’s a sketchy sketch with the witch and a couple of kids laughing at her. Do you think this tells the story better? Feedback welcome, and thank you!


    Fiddled with it a little more, try to make it a little more interesting, and added some values. How is the composition, and is the story clear? Have any suggestions to improve things?



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    Had some time to work on this, and here’s where I am with it. Not done yet. But I’m not pleased with the kids faces, but I’m not sure what’s wrong with them. I plan to add glass, and finish the windows and siding, maybe add a cloud or two in the sky.

    Anyway, I appreciate any feedback or suggestions on the image - the kids or anything else. Thanks!


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