Hot Air Balloon Ideas - WIP

  • Trying to experiment a bit more with my ideas and style and came up with these 5 concepts for a hot air balloon concept that started as a thumbnail sketch in the july contest and evolved from ideas 1 to 5. I avoided sketching out the later concepts first and rather built up the idea through painting.

    1 - Original idea of a runaway balloon flying through the clouds (could add some pieces of luggage falling out?)
    2 - Flying through a ruined skyscraper city or could be mountain tops (?)
    3 - slowing drifting through a cold world filled with giant books (land of lost books perhaps?)
    4 - Balloon is creating shapes in the clouds that would be quite vague but perhaps the viewer could get a hint of what they are.
    5 - The balloon is dropping pages and books to fill the world below.

    I'd love to hear which idea you all feel is interesting and hopefully I can make it into a nice portfolio piece.

    balloon idea.jpg

  • this is an interesting way to show that you are able to draw different scenery, use different colors well together, make dynamic angles. I think it would be a great idea to have different things in every illustration. Like only 1 cloud one, the others would be your other ideas, city skyline, mountains of books, stars and planets? giant animals? Like a hot air balloon flying through different scenery in each illustration would show off your skills in drawing diverse concepts and places while seeming like they are all connected, like this adventurer is flying through different worlds.

    But I love them all.

  • @Aleksey Ah I don't plan on doing them all (no time for that lol) only going to choose 1 🙂 It's a nice thought though on having some interconnecting images

  • @Gary-Wilkinson ah darn i would have loved to see them all. I think I like the ruined city the most.

  • @Gary-Wilkinson it's so hard, I love them all. I love the concept from number 4 the most (for me it looks like some human shape clouds dancing). I think it looks very magical and whimsical. I also love the angle the most.
    Number 5 is also interesting and more colorful.
    Can't wait to see more!

  • @Gary-Wilkinson
    Hey Gary, these are really nice concepts. My favorites are number 1 and 5. I am curious which you will decide for and how it will look at the end. Have fun with it. 😀

  • @Gary-Wilkinson love these little thumbnails. all of them are interesting. no.1 has a lot of enegy. No3 and 4 are very poetic. lookingforward to see them coming to paintings.

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