Goose chase WIP

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    While I was coming in from swimming at my family's cottage on Lake Ontario, my dog chased a flock of geese off the beach and I got a closeup view of goose bellies as they flew over me. I decided to try to draw it. Right now I'm just working on shapes and composition - the colors are just quick placeholders. Do you think the composition works? Any suggestions?

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    @demotlj LOL the dog looks so happy! I would suggest moving the two back geese up a little so they are not touching the foreground and then you can see their feet trying so hard to run. LOL I beat there was a bunch of goose poop after that chase

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    @Chip-Valecek I was actually happy (if a bit startled) to have my dog chase them off the beach because they were making a mess of it 🙂

  • I think having another goose in the bottom left corner or readjusting those currently in the frame might help the comp a bit better. At the moment the geese are cutting the frame in half from the bottom right to top left which is separating the painting into an almost 50/50 split.

    Also the ground that the dog is one is pretty horizontal and I think you could emphasis the action in the scene by adjusting it's angle and shape.

    I hope you don't mind, but I did a quick paint over to show how I would tackle such a scene, which would hopefully guide the viewer through the painting and help highlight the dog a bit more.


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