"Herding Desks" WIP July, does this read well?

  • SVS OG

    Hi guys thought Id throw this out here to see if this piece is worth continuing on. Started inking then started to think lol. Should the dark and loomy trees be an open prairie? or do you like that the pasture is a place that no one will go into, where the Herding cowboy Kid can lead these desks to their impending scary doom? Any thoughts on it would be great! Thanks! Todd

  • I really like the direction you are headed with this concept. I think the dark, scary forest is great as it would not be the natural habitat for the desks. You could clump them closer together like a heard of sheep would be. Also, you could make them show fear through their body language. I know it’s tough because they’re inanimate objects, but it would show that they are hesitant about following the boy. I’d also show a pathway leading from the school to where the desks are at. Perhaps it could keep winding in the opposite direction they are headed to show that the kid is leading them out of safety and into potential harm? I hope I was able to help!

  • SVS OG

    @MikeCañas Thanks! I do need to add more desks for sure. The idea was that the kid is leading the desks out of the school so that they will be no where to be found come back to school time. He is being mischievous and also a hero to the students? I think a zorro mask would be appropriate now as I type this haha

  • @artbytra

    Ooh, gotcha! Yeah, a zero mask might help him look like a bandido from an old western. I’m looking forward to seeing it as you work on it!

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