Lunchtime sketchbook opinions

  • Hi guys,

    I recently decided to push myself to try and finish a drawing a day during my lunchtime at work, having realised that I was watching tutorial after tutorial without actually doing any drawing. Thought I would share some of them, nowhere near perfect but just wanted to get them finished as best as I could in a day. Any opinions/feedback would be greatly received, I find it hard to judge my own stuff.
    4067192D-5008-416E-B5ED-8410145CE825.jpeg 2EAEF8CA-74E1-44F2-BE8E-4F3C49B18DC3.jpeg 77DF3E13-4F23-48C1-8868-C46C4A5AB58E.jpeg
    FC9FD7FF-CADA-4817-9026-803488B188AB.jpeg BBBEF7CE-C881-45BE-845F-DEB4998FAB1B.jpeg CEEE3295-6DC2-479D-B065-1D9A76472226.jpeg
    50C59F1C-753C-42C5-8189-D2DFB0CA37BD.jpeg AC5A5461-EA21-4272-B44A-825C875634D6.jpeg 7F9F00E0-5789-411E-909A-5D4D85F4C84D.jpeg
    ED65D6FE-761B-4DA2-A8C3-E6871792254B.jpeg 768BB6E9-09EC-4303-BAD4-32C9DED8A889.jpeg F8F1FC3B-B1BE-4921-A50A-86D8F91DA4BA.jpeg
    B6A574EC-2271-44F4-AD67-318C2493C094.jpeg 8D00777F-6823-4C70-ACA2-556C649C36AD.jpeg 96B68DA2-AE63-4F42-943A-CD42C5792A24.jpeg

  • @hoppershaun

    I really like your animal ones. And I like the works that give a bit more context and full body ones.

    I’d like to know what the baby Dino is looking at off page.

    I am happy you made the step to put to work what you have been learning and thank you for sharing!

  • @Heather-Boyd
    Thanks for the comment, I think I may go back and try and flesh out some of the drawings such as the baby dinosaur one to give it more of a story/background etc. With limiting myself to an hour a day to finish each drawing I just wanted to try and get as much finished as I could. Funny though, I never know what I’m going to draw before I start and so it’s always fun to see what actually ends up coming out once I start scribbling away.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @hoppershaun these are really fun! I have a thing for white outlines on characters. I think it makes it pop off the page. I started doing that on some of my work but i get mixed crits if it should be there or not be there. I think for all of these it works well. Looking forward to seeing more.

  • @Chip-Valecek
    Thanks, must admit these were fun to do, helped pass the time during lunch too. Yeah, I like doing the white outlines, especially when using the tan paper background that I like to use, it does help it pop. Can’t remember exactly who I saw doing it first, maybe Peter Han.

  • FA65396A-8431-4089-9E1B-14FF203962B1.jpeg
    Yesterday’s drawing. Not too sure about the colours, but ran out of time so that’s the way they’ll be staying I guess.

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