July contest : Bear invasion WIP

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    Thinking I may try to get something into contest this month. Summer here in Ontario usually involve trips to cottage so I started playing with idea of family arriving at cottage to find bear kicking back watching Tv, eating popcorn, having some beers - tried 2 different POV. (1 & 2) Then thought about bears playing twister for some reason 🤷🏽♀️ (3) Then thought maybe mama bear is one on vacay with her family and it’s all ruined when humans arrive (4) she’s watching tv while cubs play twister - - family shows up - little girl sees bears through window. I am leaning towards #4 right now but would welcome your thoughts


  • I love 4! the cubs playing twister is adorable and a unique idea!

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    @Squirrel-Size Thanks! I thought so too :smiling_face_with_open_mouth_closed_eyes:

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    @MissMushy I was toying around with an idea with bears as well LOL. I like the first one but i get the unique part of 4. I just don't know if it reads summer vacation. Unless it was like a family of people with luggage in the door.

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    @Chip-Valecek cool! bears are on my mind recently since some were spotted in area where we are building our new lake house and it is a bit scary 😱
    I take your point - re summer thing. I am trying to figure out how to show family pulling up with kayak, and other summer stuff on top of car or something like that through the window. lots of thumb nailing to do still!

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    Here’s my first swing at the mama bear and cubs vacation about to be ruined by humans. I am not sure if the twisted cubs read clearly - maybe there are too many of them or TV is too much in the way? I know that it is probably not the most exciting camera angle but not sure how I can fit whole story in any other way. Feedback welcomed. Thanks!


  • @MissMushy Your idea is adorable - I love it.

    I'm thinking an option to explore for the composition could be to place the Twister mat away from the television set. Right now the TV in the foreground is blocking part of what's going on on the Twister mat. That bit where the bears are playing is funny and quite a highlight to this piece, so I feel it should have some breathing space. Maybe the same elements you have now could be arranged differently to allow for that?

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    @animatosoor thanks! Appreciate the feedback!

    I agree . I will try moving elements around some more. I think part of my problem is I haven’t decided where my focal point is/should be - mama bear, cubs or girl in window. Need to clarify that in my mind.

  • YEY! I'm glad you chose #4! I agree with animatosoor, maybe give the cubs a little more breath room. Also, I'm wondering if it would read better with maybe one or two less cubs, I love the simple, silly, playfullness of the cubs in the thumbnail. Just a thought 🙂

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    @Squirrel-Size thanks for the feedback! I wondered if it was too busy in that area with so many cubs. was thinking I might do 2 cubs playing twister and another one doing something else destructive near sofa by momma . Will keep playing around with it. 😀

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    Made a few changes based on your feedback -moved TV, changed up baby bears. But feel as if it is missing something to push it over the edge? 🤷🏽♀
    Maybe bear under window should be doing something more destructive than just ripping up a cushion?


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    Added colour. This is where it usually all goes wrong since I haven’t figured out how to make digital stuff look right. would appreciate any feedback you can offer. Thanks in advance


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