• @chrisaakins Wow that was quick, great work so far.

  • @chrisaakins Thanks šŸ˜ƒ

    I use a custom brush in corel painter. I can't actually remember what I started with since I've modified it so many times over the years. It always looks a little different with different textures, too.

  • Here is it so far. I still have to add the plane in the background. I feel like it needs something extra to emphasize the people. Almost like they need a warm glow or something. I know there are a couple of tangents (like the dad's foot and the penguin flipper).

    Should I darken the lines of the background? I do like the way it gives it a sense of space but maybe they are TOO light.


  • So I darkened the foreground line and moved the people over and drew highlights on the penguin being chased by the kid. It looks a little better.

  • Maybe mom just needs a tan....

  • @chrisaakins I think you're MORE likely to get a sunburn at the south pole that most other places on earth. So she could totally get a tan if she wanted to. She's just freeze to death in the process šŸ™‚

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    @chrisaakins This is looking great so far! Iā€™m looking forward to seeing the final. Lol, just scrolled down and saw the updates. Nice work.

  • Here it is, done-ish, I think. Now I need some critiquing. How is the composition? How does the story read? Does it look polished or amateurish? Is there anything that bothers you about it?

    (In other words, "What would @Lee-White say about it" ? ) I think it looks funny and I like it. To me it has kind of a Calvin and Hobbes feels or a "For Better or Worse" feel and those are two of my faves. BUT what are your thoughts O wise and wonderful Forum people?

  • Hi Chris! This is funny and great! I really like it. šŸ™‚

    In case it's of any help, here are two things that were part of my initial read of your piece...

    To me at least, the map/brochure looks like part of the dad's shirt, but the way he's holding it may contribute to that.

    The ice burg touching the dad's head distracts me a bit.

    Thanks for sharing... this is really humorous, and I know you're relatively new at digital illustration, so to me it looks excellent.

    Edit: One more thing - I'd suggest putting snow strategically in front of the characters or tone it down in other areas of the piece. šŸ™‚

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    @chrisaakins I love the addition of the plane, it really finishes it off! There is an out of place line and dot on the arms of the smallest boy, and the father collar bone lines seem a bit out of place too. Otherwise, I really like the feel of this piece.

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