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    I have been doing SVS for about 2 years now and noticed that you guys have a class on Styilizing characters, but nothing about outfitting a character. It would be really great to see how you use the costume to add to the characters depth and personality. I would also love to see your methods for making a costume based on what time period or place a character is from. Really just to teach anything there is to know, or need to know about costumes would be awesome.
    Thanks for considering

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    @Passion-Hart Hi! Welcome to the forum. You should send this recommendation to Lee White and the SVS team. This would be a great class.

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    Welcome to the forums, @Passion-Hart!

    I teach theatrical Costume Design at the University of San Diego. There are a variety of texts that are commonly used in Costume Design classes that directly address what you're talking about. Even though they're mostly about live performance, the fundamentals of designing key costumes for a theatre or illustration are essentially the same.

    You might find The Magic Garment by Rebecca Cunningham to be highly useful. She breaks down design Elements and Principles and literally walks you through charts of of how they are manipulated to elicit different information in costume renderings.

    As an aside, the very successful children's illustrators, Janet and Anne Graham Johnstone, lived their entire lives with their mother--who was a professional Costume Designer--and their work became known for its lovely use of historical accuracy and detail in their characters. They were highly influenced by their mother's work. Just an FYI. 🙂

  • Hello and welcome, @Passion-Hart! I've been looking for a similar class, and would love to take something like that when made available.

    Incidentally, I just came across this on today.:

    Apparently there's a new class coming on this topic! 😍

    In the meantime, @Coreyartus' book recommendations sound really helpful.

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