Initial Sketch, Mean Spirited Elf - Thoughts?

  • So while I'm still engrossed in the digital painting side of this character that I've had SUCH constructive feedback on from here, I'm also still doodling scenes for the same project. And I think I like this composition and the potential for fun play with light so far.

    I want to throw it out to you all first though, before I commit and move forwards... fire away :)!

    ElfTreeDraggingScene.jpg ElfTreeDraggingScene.jpg

  • Lol! That penguin! My suggestion would be to crop out the bottom starting somewhere around his waist and move him to the left. The bottom part is just empty snow and he's floating there all alone right now.


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    I like the idea of cropping it too. Also maybe try to add a bit more gesture to his pose, when someone is grumpy or angry they tend to tense up and you'll see in their shoulders etc.

    Not sure who this illustration is by, but she you can really feel her mood in her body language. Shoulders lifted, head tilt, feet in towards her body, arms high and crossed....


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    I agree, I think a more hunched shoulder posture would get more of the grumpy feeling through.

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