3 Point Perspective ruined me...

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    I love podcasts, but I didn't think audio about creating something visual could be so enjoyable. 3 Point Perspective proved me wrong. And I'm in a pickle.

    I've listened to all their episodes and I'm hungry for more. But the bar is set pretty high now.

    What other podcasts about illustrating and the art of creating are worth listening to??? I've tried the Oatley Academy and it doesn't seem to have that same charm (it definitely doesn't force me to suppress a snort when listening to it in public). I dunno, maybe I need to give it another go.

    All suggestions welcome!

  • Hahaha, this is a great compliment to Will, Jake and Lee's efforts on their podcast, and I'm in agreement, of course. It's highly enjoyable while also being an endless supply of useful information.

    I've liked several other art podcasts over the years, and I'll list them here despite still being (very!) partial to the Three Point Perspective.

    • The Bancroft Brothers
    • FZD Design Cinema
    • The Oatley Academy ArtCast
    • One Fantastic Week
    • Pencil Kings


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    I know the feeling. Yeah. I've taken to re-listening to them, because I get different things from them the second time around.

    I'm a big podcast fan, too, but lately I've taken to listening to shorter YouTube art-oriented narrations (you don't really need to see what they're doing, honestly, at least for most of them...). Don't forget about exploring those, too. Some of them are more useful than others. Bobby Chiu's Chiustream is good for the interviews, sometimes, but it leans incredibly heavily toward concept art, gaming, and animation in my opinion. Brookes Eggleston and Adam Duff can be very inspirational but not really very substantively informational.

    Cory Kerr and Josh Kemble are good for "snapshots of life of an illustrator/in-house chat". They used to do a "48-Hour Check-in" with each other but I think they just recently took a pause on that.

    But as far as podcasts are concerned, I sometimes listen to Lean into Art and The Honest Designers but for very different reasons than 3-Point Perspective when I don't have anything else to listen to... There's nothing like 3-Point, quite frankly--at least for me. Oatley Academy was close, but they're not really consistent lately over there as far as I can tell. There are a couple new ones on iTunes that haven't been around very long so we'll see if they can go the long term. I haven't listened to many of them, so I really can't recommend them but I'm going to explore them when I can.

    The only alternative that I can find is to go and listen to some of their Third Thursday streams on YouTube. They're older, but they're still really useful!

    But you're right. There's nothing like 3-Point Perspective. It is the most functional, enjoyable, useful podcast about illustration that I've ever listened to. And it's like drinking water in a drought when they come out with a new episode.

  • 3 point perspective is just too good 😃

  • I have started listening to The picturebooking people and the children’s book podcast. The first seems to be more of an aspiring author/illustrator and the later is a librarian. Both interviewing authors and illustrators.

    It seems to fill the gap ok.

    I will also just turn on Will’s or Jake’s YouTube channel and listen. Will’s is easier than Jake’s to ignore the visual because wills is mostly just talking while jake is typically inking or drawing something.

  • Love listening to creative podcast while drawing!
    On my player is :
    -3 points perspective of course 😉
    -Bobby Chiu's channel
    -The creative pep talk for a fun chitchat
    -The art side life's channel, lots of interviews
    -Bench Talk, great interviews and missing hearing the aussie accent!
    -Being freelance is a short good one too
    -Tom Froese's channel, advices on freelancing
    -Escape from illustration Island, it has stopped but lots of very archives

    And if anyone is listening in french :
    -Exquises Esquisses
    -Sens créatif

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    Thanks for the suggestions!

    Yeah, I love watching art vids on YouTube, so I'll be checking out some of those as well. The podcast recommendations were mainly so that I had new material to listen to on my commute to and from work.

    But whenever a new 3PP episode comes out, that goes to the top of the queue!

  • @shinjifujioka ugh the commute. Mine is awful. I also have time to listen while I work at my totally uncreative day job. I refuse to listen to 3pp at work though. Distracted and laughing. Not a good combination. 🙂

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    I totally relate.

    I wish the 3 Point Perspective podcast came out weekly!! Or even daily!! Haha!

    Like @Coreyartus , I've started listening to them all a second and third time but I do also do what @Sara-Hickman suggested, which is throw on one of Will or Terry's Youtube videos, without looking at the actual footage.

    I love having them in the background while I practice drawing. Keeps me inspired and motivated 🙂

  • I love and often recommend 3 Point Perspective... a few others that are great if you are interested in children's publishing are:

    Picturebooking with Nick Patton

    The Children's Book Podcast

  • @Lisa-Middleton-Griffin These are my two other favorites as well. So much great inspiration centered on picture books, picture book makers, and picture book audiences!

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    ooo, got some new things to listen to, thanks. I could listen to Will, Jake, and, Lee daily. Bobby chiu, and Noah and Rachel Bradley's "Creators chat" are my other go to vids.


  • @JennyJones I agree! It is a great mix of information.

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