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  • I think you've done an amazing job. If I could offer any suggestions it would be that perhaps the shadow could be a bit darker on the underside of his face. If you look at the forms on the rest of the picture (the girl's legs, the guy's nose, the folds of the guy's sweater, etc) it's quite bright where the light hits, and has a noticeable shadow on the underside of the forms. The exceptions would be the forms close the the white tray because of the bounce light, and as a result the shadows aren't as strong.

    But on first glance, it looks very well integrated. Great job!

  • @TessaW Thanks. I'll try to make the changes people have suggested and I'll upload a new version in a couple of days

  • @MF-James i thought he was a stuffed animal too!! So clever!

  • Everyone is saying that it looks like a stuffed toy. What can I do to make him feel alive? Is it the type of eyes? Pose?

  • I've made the changes, thanks for all your comments.


  • That is brilliant!

    Like Jonas, I didn't notice until I started looking 🙂 I think you did a fantastic job...

  • @MF-James Great job! I had to go back and look to see what you were doing. i thik the additional lighting helps the fox seem even more 3D. What's in his paw (I actually typed "hand")--it looks different than the cookies the other two characters are eating. The difference might be important-or it could become more cookie-like if you want the 3 to seem even more similar.

  • @Susan-Marks They are eating sandwiches, Flanigan's is just more square still. Maybe a bite?

  • @MF-James See-it WAS intentional. I saw cookies-maybe to go with the milk. But they work well as sandwiches.

  • SVS OG

    @MF-James I think it moves more towards the 'stuff toy' feel because of the way the fur texture looks. I think a little sub surface scattering would make the difference in making him look more lively.

  • SVS OG

    This is great! The only thing that makes me really see that he’s added is his body under the table. I don’t know how to fix it but it just feels off where his leg goes behind the leg of the table. It took me a minute to notice, though, so it may be minor. I, too, thought he was a stuffed animal but I think it’s because I have no reference outside of this image to tell my mind that he would be a living character interacting with the other characters. It’s good to see Flanagan again!

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