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  • Calling digital artists, or art techies... I have traditionally been a traditional artist..but, I'm seeing the value of working digitally for speed, saving files and making easy revisions. I've got access to Creative Cloud adobe suite, and I've recently acquired a Wacom Hybrid companion cintiq, which I'm really excited to use....But, I my computer systems (a Mac desktop and laptop) are about 10 years old. It seems that when I connect my cintiq to my computer, it crashes photoshop. Does anyone know why that might be happening? And does this mean, I'm needing to upgrade my computers. (I do have the latest operating systems that they can handle...) Help! I really want to learn how to do digital art, and having the tablet to draw on makes all the difference!

  • Doesn't Wacom Hybrid companion Cintiq work without a PC also, as a mobile tablet? As for crashing laptop setup for photoshop might be too low, you need to check your processor, RAM, graphics card model and check it against requirements of version of photoshop you are using.

    Here is on site specifications For Photoshop CC :
    The first one for Windows, and below for MacOS.

  • @Laurasketches If you don't have an SSD (Solid State Drive) hard drive, you could try getting an external hard drive and using that as your scratch disk or buy a new internal SSD drive. If you are using old RAM (Randon Access Memory) then buy the latest RAM you can for your machine. New memory and hard drive will make a massive difference on performance for less cost than buying a whole new computer.

  • @Ailantan Yes, it does... and that was one of the things that made it attractive to me...but, It will not run Photoshop on it's own. (when attached to a computer, it works like a regular cintiq), when mobile, I'm finding that it can only run a narrow range of apps. If you have knowledge about which drawing/painting apps are good for android, I'd be interested!?

  • @sigross I AM using old RAM... and this is showing my ignorance, but can you by more RAM for an old Mac desktop?

  • @Laurasketches You can absolutely upgrade old macs. Older macs are MUCH easier to upgrade than newer ones.

    Find a computer savvy friend. Buy them a case of beer. Ask them to install an SSD and as much RAM as your computer can handle.

    OR do it yourself. There's TONS of guides, and there's a company that sells kits for upgrading macs. Comes with all the tools and hardware you need.

    You will notice a MASSIVE difference in performance.

    Have you googled the 'plug cintiq to computer crashes photoshop' problem? Any fixes?

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    The new Creative Cloud can definitely be hard on old computers! I was using it until recently and it was eating up all of my memory. Some functions were also disabled, so when I upgraded to a better computer I saw that Photoshop actually started using even MORE memory (like 2000 more!). So Photoshop will definitely use up more if you give it more, but on an old desktop you won't be able to use the rotation, certain filters, etc. I'd say if you are serious about digital it is worth upgrading your mac or simply getting a newer computer. However if you're still testing the waters and not sure, why not try one of the lighter, free drawing softwares like Gimp to test out if you want to continue and invest? Another solution could also be to get yourself an older, cheaper tablet model like a Bamboo, which will work better on older computers. This may be cheaper than upgrading your computer itself!

  • @Laurasketches Try MediBang Paint
    My friend uses it a lot, it free and have an android version.

  • @Laurasketches my macbook was 9 years old and running brilliantly when I upgraded to an SSD and more RAM - that was 4GB to 8GB RAM until the battery exploded, it was fine. If you go to the crucial System Scanner website you can check what RAM you need - CRUCIAL UK or CRUCIAL USA

    Samsung make very good 860 EVO SSD hard drives. Or Crucial MX500 SSD. They'll fit in both a laptop and desktop.

  • Thank you everyone! I've received great advice and made a plan to get the RAM... then see how it goes. I appreciate all the willingness to share info with me.

  • From an apple person, go to your “about this mac” in your apple logo on the menu bar and make sure it’s the right ram for your make and model. It’s a desktop right?

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