Group run through creative environment design week 6 art and feedback

  • I'm not bowin' out, but I'm gonna have to to last week's and this week's once I'm back from the SCBWI conference in Seattle. So... Much... Work... to do.

    But you guys should continue to kick butt.

    This week is starting the fun assignment! Do exercise 9, the subjective final! It all comes together 😃

  • @Braden-Hallett Best excuse ever. Seriously, kick it at the SCBWI conference-your portolio looks great.

  • @Braden-Hallett yess. It’s ok i still havnt done last weeks eitherrr.

  • Last week's is still in progress for me 😛 I have slowed down a bit too but still picking away at it!

  • SVS OG

    @Braden-Hallett Have fun at the conference and I'm happy to have extra time. I too, am a little behind but if I were not part of this group I would have probably stopped altogether by now so thanks for keeping things going.

  • So since the next exercise is to make up your own scene! I thought might as well use this opportunity to work on a finished illustration I could put in my portfolio. Here are some thumbnails.

    It’s a penguin shepherd wearing a tux, herding the penguin around. There’s a barn in the background and winter elements like glaciers, pine trees, and the southern lights. And also a doggy in a red bandana playing with one of the penguins. Something simple and cute.


    Critiques welcome! Exercise 10 will probably be of the barn.

  • @Aleksey I'm so enjoying how much you can do with 4 value-and your chunky brush. I really like the angles of the cloud, altho I don't understand them. But they're dividing the upper section into halves. (I liked the shape enough to put it first.)

    #3 is my second choice-I think the "herding" reads clearl in this image. I think the diagonal fence, diagonal edge of the meadow/field-read well.

  • @Susan-Marks ohhh good points. Ty.

    The weird clouds are different things depending on which one. Some are tree lines, some are giant glaciers jutting out. Kinda like this:

  • Ok progress so far.

  • @Aleksey Glaciers hadn't occurred to me. And good points that when you do these value studies, the shapes that you see may be representing a consistent value, but the shape could be made up of multiple things (i.e. the top border of buildings and trees could make a single shape).

  • @Susan-Marks yeah. I treat them as a place holder and try not to lose track of them.

  • Mine ended up as an interior scene. This is for a game about a grumpy pizza delivery guy who hates his job. Sketch phase:

    CED_Workbook2_Page_6 sketch.png

  • @JerrySketchyArt are you going with this perspective view?

  • @Aleksey Nah. I've already decided I don't like the angle and need to rotate it a bit so it's not so straight on. Might do an outside view. Time for more thumbnails. 😛

  • I dd a very objective view of things before I realized that this was the subjective final (woops!) so I'll post my subjective final tomorrow (gonna do things a little bit backwards)

  • SVS OG

    I’m doing a picture of a dancing bison and wanted to push myself on doing interiors so thought I’d do it for this assignment. Here is what I have so far with both the interior and some really really rough “placeholders” for characters and furnishings. I’m not worried about developing the characters yet since the assignment is really about the environment design - just wanted to make sure things would fit - but I’m assuming that I should think about lighting and stuff, right? Or is it subjective already because it’s only showing part of the room?



  • @demotlj good choice on the low angle makes the bison look much bigger.

  • E0A48D01-95CE-4094-BAD9-13256B5DCB95.jpeg

    I think I’m onto something with the values.

  • Okeedokee! I finally get to play in my local DND game, so I'm all into the generic fantasy settings. I may finish this one day!

    The puzzle pieces I'm trying to juggle: Composition (thirds and fifths) silhouette, balance, proportion (thirds and fifths again) and value. Are there any principles I'm forgetting off the top of my head?

    alt text

  • Planning to paint this eventually, but since this class is on design I'm going to call this homework complete.

    Side note: The odd cropping and extra space on the outside are due to game design best practices. We have to plan for a wide range of aspect ratios (think ultra wide screen vs an old 4:3 TV screen) which can shift the visible area by a decent bit.

    CED_Workbook2_Page_6 complete.png

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