Know anything about 1340 gallery?

  • I was contacted by them tonight after my latest post on Instagram. They sound interested in sharing my image on their Instagram page. However, when I open up their terms and conditions, this is what I see. While it might be good exposure, I'm not sure I want to grant anyone perpetual rights to my work (even if I retain copyright). Plus, the piece I posted is a detail from a book I'm working on (my own project). I haven't run into this before, so any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I've been contacted by them before through an IG post as well. Inviting me to submit art to their contest. It sounded great and cost me $30 but I didn't gain anything from it. I'm not totally sure that it wasn't a scam, but I don't answer anymore when they DM me.

  • @RHirsch I agree with @burvantill . same experience.

  • Hey Folks,
    To me it looks totally like scam. If someone wants to use your art they have to pay for it (Right of use).
    It's another Thing if your dooing it for a friend, a good thind or something else.
    But if you read this Terms & Conditions carefully you will see, that they only want to use your Illustration and profit from it.
    They want nearly every Right except the Right to change the original artwork. They could use your artwork for everything and you would'nt receive a dime. They even could sublicense it, so they could charge other People for using your artwork nad you still wouldn't see a dime.
    I don't know if such a contract is legal at all but if you do a Submission you will agree their Terms & conditions.
    So I recommend not to do so.

  • Yeah i've had a few "companies" like this proposing the same thing through instagram, my advice is to stay clear even if they have a lot of followers! Like it's already been said, they will then be able to use your work for anything they want, all for just a tiny bit of exposure on their page!

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    Like @burvantill, I've been contacted by them for their contest but was put off by the entry price. I contacted them and asked for more info on the contest and never got a reply so I steered clear after that.

    Their conditions seem crazy though. I would not feel comfortable granting them perpetual rights to use and reproduce my art. My advice to you would be to ignore them.

  • It's a scam. They tell you they want to give you a free instagram feature to get your contact info then immediately follow up with an email saying you've been pre-selected to submit images to the final round of judging for their print magazine (which is't actually printed, it's an online PDF that people can order a print-on-demand copy of) but you have to pay a $30 entry fee. I stopped there, I'm not sure if they would have actually put my work in their magazine but I wasn't comfortable paying to have work in a publication I'd never heard of or seen before. They never actually posted my work on their instagram.

  • That was my feeling, but I needed to hear it from you guys. Thanks everyone, I am steering clear...

  • Ive been contacted many times by a 1340 'rep' or whatever. Scam. Pretty good one too, because I was so excited at first!

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