Interactive book cover class Starting 05/06/19

  • I'm excited to be starting the new Book Cover class. I haven't done an interactive class on SVSLearn before, so I'm not entirely clear how it works. My assumption was/is that there is a "live" portion to the class; however, I can't find any information on the schedule for those classes. I will be travelling a lot in the months of the course, and I'm trying to understand how my schedule is going to work around the live sections. I've emailed support and haven't heard back. Can anyone point me in the right direction, or correct me if I'm understanding wrong how the interactive classes work?

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    I'm also doing my very first interactive class this month, but it's "heads and hands". I understand from the intro that the classes are prerecorded, but maybe the review sessions are live. I'm in Europe, so I probably won't be able to attend live classes either.

  • Hi, I have done live classes on SVS before. The lectures are pre-recorded. The interactive part is mainly the weekly assignments and the class forum. You need to deliver the assignment before the deadline each week, and you will get to see crits videos that the instructors are providing feedback, and sometimes draw-overs to everyone's work, including yours. The class forum is where you can post questions, getting work-in-progress feedbacks of your assignment form your fellow classmates, and sometimes the instructors.
    Hope this clarifies your question.

  • @xin-li Thank You for all the information, but are this crit videos, where we will get feedback to our homework live or rerorded?

  • @MichaelaH The crit videos are recorded. The instructors will upload them each week. You can watch them anytime after the videos are being uploaded.

  • @xin-li I guess that's different than how I thought it would work because when I've watched the recorded versions of other live classes (when they make them available to subscribers later) there were comments/questions being asked live from the participants.

  • @Joni-Nemeth I thought the same, in the other classes they offen asked if the person is now online and he could comment live, while they were drawing on his picture.

  • In the class is "Building Backgrounds with Brian Ajhar" written: "Brian will critique each piece with Will Terry while screen recording all comments and suggestions. Brian will complete the draw -overs and the videos will be posted here at SVS for the students in the class to view. "

    in "Drawing Heads and Hands": "Weekly video critiques of your work will be provided. In addition, there will be an active discussion area where you can ask questions at any time."

    So i think they changed it, I think we can ask questins only in this discussion area...

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    Hi Joni,

    The other replies are correct. The pre-recorded videos will be released on the day of class (in this case on Tuesdays) and you will have 1 week to turn in your work.

    We will then record your critiques and upload them to the site where you can watch them anytime. : )

  • @Lee-White Thanks. In this case, with my timing and travelling, that probably works just as well for me.

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