Wip moment before feedback on ideas

  • @Heather-Boyd Thank you a lot! So great to hear all those awesome feedbacks!

    True the cactus pic lacks of "depth". I'll try to bring some characters close to the foreground.

    Airport pic : such a great story! Then I can let go of the other people (as I don't usually draw people 😉 ) and so she might go through excitement mixed with worry. No clue how I could render that though hahaha!!

    Dog pic, thanks you're right more dynamism in the comp could help a lot to convey more emotions.

    And I think I'll leave n°4 behind for now.

    Thanks again for your great input!

  • @marine All neat ideas!

    My vote is for #3. I think it'll be the easiest to bring to finish and has the strongest composition value-wise. It works really well with the dark silhouette through the glass door (you could pose the person to show fatigue after a long day, perhaps?) and the dark dog shape on the patch of light. Works really REALLY well.

    I'll be interested to follow this one along 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett Many thanks!
    Yes n°3 might work best with modifications advised and important point I won't have to draw a human face! hahaha! (not very brave of me 😉 )
    I'll try to do another round of sketches quickly because then, getting into details and rendering is going to be a tough and long job!

  • @marine Hi there, just jumping in to say I like no. 3 the best as well.

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    I really like #3, great sense of anticipation!

  • I like the #1 a lot, its so funny, I love the expressions on the balloons. I also like #3 really well too. Its something everyone with a dog can relate too. It's sweet and makes me grin inside.

    I really like your sketch style, your sketches get the idea across well. I love the flow and movement. You go!

    I'm excited to see the progress 🙂

  • @bnewman @ErinCortese @Squirrelsize Thanks a lot!
    Yes seems n°3 works best, now onto refining the sketch... 🙂

  • So I've worked on the n°3, the dog waiting, and here are a few new sketches.


    N°1 is the original one
    N°2, I changed the perspective point
    N°3 an n°4, I've tried a paysage format with more of the dog's mess but I feel like the action is lost in too many details.

    So I think n°2 is the best, as the master's shadow and the dog in the light make more sense to the action. Maybe the dog is not sure if it's going to be a walk or a punishment for the mess...

    What do you think?


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    @marine I love #2! Would like to see how the dog from number 1 works with comp #2. I think dog 1 communicates a little more clearly, it almost looks like dog 2 is tangled in his leash.

  • @marine

    I like #3 the best with the dog's gesture and the rose off its base -but I find the rest of the scene busy. I like how the "mess" is in the foreground with the dog and the background lends more to the order of the owner. But I would avoid leaving the furniture to the right and left cut in half -I'd like to see more of the couch. I like #2 because it is an easy read. 🙂

  • Wow! those are all good. I really like #3. It seems to show more personality from the dog and the composition is more dynamic. My second is #2. because its simple and portrays the idea clearly.

  • I love the layout of 2 but I can almost see the wiggle butt in 3 and I love that, even though the place is a mess the dog is just like MY FRIEND IS HOME it's great

  • @marine I'm with @Heather-Bouteneff --I really like the pose of the dog in #3. I:m ok with the mess--but I think that with the door open--the "moment" has occurred. How about combining dog from 3, with the still-closed door in #2? I think this concept is great for this prompt,

  • #2 hands down 🙂

  • Thank you all for your feedbacks!

    I've re-worked the portrait format one, with a un-tangled dog 😉 @ErinCortese

    And did modifications on the paysage format with more of the sofa and less space on the right, with open door and closed door. @Heather-Boyd @Heather-Bouteneff @Susan-Marks

    But I still feel that in the portrait format n°1 here, the idea is more clear, I agree with @Squirrelsize and @Braden-Hallett. I also like that the dog is sitting still like an angel despite its mess.


    I guess now I need to refine my sketch and start rendering because time is flying! 🙂

    Thanks again everyone, really appreciate your time and feedbacks!

  • @marine Like nr. 1 the most

  • @MichaelaH Thanks! Yes me too 🙂
    Your little mouse profil pic is so cute!!

  • @marine Thank You 😊 I have such dog at home and I think the first picture would be how I would draw him also. They are waiting and this waiting before, I think it is in picture 1, the dog is focused on the door, only one thing in head.

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    @marine I love it! The mess, the position of the dog, the shadow of the owner, it all works together so well to create suspense.

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    I'll go against the grain and confuse the issue but I like #2 and #3 better because it looks more like the dog is "caught in the act" which lends to the tension of the picture. They are also more dynamic since the compositions are basically diagonal in direction whereas #1 is more symmetrical and thus more stable and calm. Since the prompt is the "moment before," the dynamism and tension of the second and third compositions I think fits better because the eye goes from the dog to the door and it looks as if the dog suddenly froze mid-mess.

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