Subjective vs. Objective Piece Process in Creative Environment Design Class -Question?

  • Hello everyone,

    Day 01 in learning Class 7 The Design Process in CED class:

    I am confused by what is the difference between the Subjective vs. the Objective Piece Process during this teaching video clip?

    Is "Objective" a certain piece or element of an overall work and "Subjective" is inserting an Objective element into a full scene or world?

    I thank you for any further clarification you might bestow on me 🙂 .

    Good day,

  • @Heather-Boyd I'm running through this, too, to maybe do a group class with people!

    This is what I'm picking up from the clip and the notes.

    Subjective: has to do with feeling, emotion, and what looks cool.
    Objective: Has to do with what 'IS', so what something would ACTUALLY look like.

    So if you design something subjectively, you're going for more of a feeling (I need this house to look spooky, menacing, looming) and this method's useful if you're only going to be seeing something once, or not from a lot of angles.

    If you design something objectively, you work to figure out what it would ACTUALLY look like. This is when you bust out the horizon and perspective and make sure everything lines up, make sure all the doors and windows line up, etc. This method's useful if you need to look at the object from multiple angles, or maybe if you have really strict design needs? I think 🙂

    So I suppose...

    Subjective: Design it to look cool.
    Objective: Design it to look correct (real)

  • @Braden-Hallett

    How would a group class work?

    And thanks for a bit more clarification, I would have to see it drawn out with more practise -watching others and translating it in my own work.

  • @Heather-Boyd and @Braden-Hallett if you figure out how to do a group class, I'd be down!

  • @Heather-Boyd @Laurasketches I mean a group of people doing the workbook at approximately the same time and sharing their work while giving feedback 🙂 Maybe a discord for chatting or somesuch.

  • @Braden-Hallett I would love to retake CED with a group. I'm in a really friendly art discord that I'm sure would be happy to give us a place to chat if some SVS members wanted to use it for a class.

  • I'm just doing this class now ! I would LOVE to join in on a class with a group. I have been drawing a lot of sketches/gestures, and scared to death of backgrounds soo I want to start messing around with this. I am not taking anything to completion these days, I am putting myself in sketch school for a couple of months as I realize it is my biggest weakness in my art by far. anyhow, I would join in on a class if able. No idea what a discord is 😛

  • @Coley Discord is a free chatting program usually used by gamers. It's most awesome.

  • SVS OG

    @Heather-Boyd I may not have this right but I concluded that "subjective" looks at the subject or object you are drawing in context while "objective" looks at it as it might appear regardless of the lighting or situation. If you are drawing a house objectively, then, you would design it from many angles so that no matter how it was lit or cropped and no matter what camera angle was used, you would be able to know how that house would look. If, on the other hand, you are drawing it subjectively, you would only care about how the house would look in that particular scene at that particular time of day, in that particular atmosphere, and that particular camera angle.

    Like I said, I may not have that right but that's what I gathered especially given Jake's comment that objective design is used more for game design etc.

  • />> Discord for the Arts - Invite Link <<\

    Whether we do this class, or not, anyone who wants to join this discord server is welcome. There's a short questionnaire to fill out before you can access the full server. This helps them weed out trolls and spammers. They've already created a channel for us called svs-class. Anyone wanting to do classes together can feel free to join the discord and use this channel.

  • An extended question -especially for a group class for CED - What is the best time to do the worksheet homework? I have mainly gone through the video classes on the design part and am unsure if I should continue to the Reference class video and the later ones before or after I start the worksheets? I am sure everyone has a preference and generally I watch a video and do some corresponding work however worksheet 01 includes a combination of silhouette and rule of thirds/fifths class for an example.

    Also can I access discord via my computer? I prefer that over using my Ipad.

  • @Heather-Boyd said in Subjective vs. Objective Piece Process in Creative Environment Design Class -Question?:

    Also can I access discord via my computer? I prefer that over using my Ipad.

    Yep! I use it on my PC.

  • @SketchyArtish

    Can I join the svs-class channel without doing the questionnaire? I don't want to share my images with a group I don't know -personal preference.

    And can we create our own SVSLearn server? Not that I am not appreciative of what your already established community has offered us @SketchyArtish .

  • @Heather-Boyd You would have to ask them since it's not my server. If you explain that you're there for the SVS classes and aren't comfortable sharing yet they may understand. Just as an FYI: it's actually far more private than posting here. That's a closed community and you can't browse without signing up like you can do on these forums.

    Discord servers are free. I suppose we could set one up just for this, but I promise the folks in that other one are super friendly and don't bite. It's just a bunch of artists trying to get better.

  • I could also always just start a channel just for the backgrounds course (I'm pretty sure). I'll start a new thread on the forum with ideas n such sometime tomorrow 🙂

  • @Braden-Hallett If we decide not to use that one I can start a custom one no problem. I'm an admin for several communities already and know my way around discord pretty well.

  • @Heather-Boyd I'm cheering you all on here-I LOVE the idea of taking a class synchronously with others. I was in a group who loosely worked through the "gesture" class and I got a lot out of the interaction.

    I hope to take the CED class in the mid-future. I've got a few pre-reqs to do first!

  • @Susan-Marks lols I am doing CED before mastering perspective -so my order is a bit more scrambled. And thanks. 🙂

  • @JerrySketchyArt Hi Jerrry--there's a small group of folks who've indicated interest in discussing and growing comic story-writing. Could we use the same SVS discord channel as you've set up for the CED group?

  • @Susan-Marks Sure! I'll make a comic room for you on the server. Anyone can use this link to join:

    We do require that everyone fills out the application form (you can see it when you join) because that helps us avoid the meme overrun problems I saw someone mention. That link expires after 24 hours, but we can always make more. 🙂

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