Draw/design 100 somethings - the magical creatures who live in the plants

  • I’ve decided to do the draw/design 100 somethings challenge and I’m going to post each drawing here for accountability. The topic I’ve decided to focus on the magical creatures that live in/with the plants. I love plants and magical creatures and it’s just the sort of thing I’d like to do so I thought I’d give myself the project of doing it.

    My rules

    • Each drawing/painting’s character must have a relationship with a real plant and have charectistics which highlight that relationship.
    • The plant must be based on a real actual plants but can be trees, fungi, flowers etc.
    • Each Drawing must be done on Procreate.

    Things I hope to learn from doing this.

    • improve my ability to create charecters, also experiment with different kinds of eyes.
    • Improve ability to stylise real things
    • Learn how to put together charecters, backgrounds and objects better.
      *Add new plants to visual vocabulary
    • learn to do digital drawing/painting better.
      *experiment with colour and get out of my comfort-zone.

    Here’s my initial mindmap of the project.


  • Drawing 1 - snowdrop fairy.

    I get a little bit over excited when the snowdrops arrive so thought it would make a good beginning. I’ve tried to keep this one sketchy and looser in the rendering than usual as I have a habit of overdoing it a bit.

    The fairy - I don’t like her eyes but she looked really weird when i tried to give her eyes with whites etc . I wanted her to look a little shy but happy to be there, as snowdrops always seem a little shy to me.


  • Drawing 2 - Bluebell

    My favourite flowers and time of year, the smell on a hazy warm day in early May when I wander in the bluebell woods is incredible.

    I got a little carried away zooming right in on Procreate with this one, which is something I can’t do when I’m drawing or painting traditionally (unless I brought a 1 hair brush and a magnifying glass) . I think I need to figure out a way of sticking to a level of zooming in and not going past that.

    I don’t like the eyes again, (I have many layers of different kinds of eyes that I tried out but didn’t look right) Oh well, finished not perfect right?


  • @rachy I love this idea. Can't wait to see your progress!

  • Hi Rachel- This image has so many thoughtful iterations of bluebells and the arching stems give a strong structure. I like how some of background is thrown out of focus. In order to have your fairy stand out more, I’d come in a little closer (or make her bigger), cropping your outer edge more. I’d play with the stem on the left and the smaller stem from the bottom....throw them out of focus and see how that feels, that shouldn’t subtract from the structure. Regarding the eyes question, can you post some of the other possibilities so we can compare? It’s already a beautiful image. Don’t get too carried away with tweaking. 🙂

  • Your love of these flowers really comes through! The shapes of the bluebells are beautiful! keep up the good work.

  • A really fun project you've created for yourself. I love your mind map and careful planning for the challenge. The first two illustrations are so nice - really nice composition and the flowers are so whimsical and paired so nicely with the fairies.

  • oops forgot to post the new ones...

    3 Dancing Daffodils

    4 Lady slipper orchids

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