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  • Hello guys, I have finally reached a pointed where I almost finished my book and this my cover design. I would like to get some opinion. Thank you!!!book-cover.jpg

  • @Naroth-Kean I really like your color choices and the position of your characters. Of course your digital watercolor work looks great. I'm assuming you will have some sort of text block on the back cover? Overall I really like this cover. I might play with the position of the title a little but I'm no graphic artist.

  • @Rob-Smith thanks a lot Rob. Yes there will be text block on the back cover. I'll post a more detail and adjustment later tonight. Thanks for pointing that out about the type! I really don't like the type on the bottom haha maybe I should just use Helvetica font for it.

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    @Naroth-Kean I really like what you've got here! Seems like there is lots of personality behind those characters.

    For the text at the bottom: If you're both the author and illustrator, perhaps you could just have your name at the bottom? I've seen a few children's books where the author/illustrator does that. Or just "by Naroth Kean".

  • Here my update with a bit more detail and I think it's better to have the puppy eyes open. At the same i'm torn between these two illustrations, I don't know which to pick for cover. The 2nd image is actually from a scene in the book. Let me know what you think. Again thank you for all the kind comments.
    @shinjifujioka Thanks Shinji for pointing that out, I'll try that later. It's a good idea because I really don't like line of text disturbing the composition. Much appreciate!

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    Hello Naroth - i like your newer version - in the first version the pose of the pup seemed very static in relation to the larger one - in the first image i was wondering if you could give the pup a bit of compression on his left (our right) to give him more of an elegant gesture - it seemed to me that it wouldn't really be possible to do this because of how the little guy is constructed - the larger otter has a nice gesture to him - in the second image you solved the gesture problem of the pup with the lines to the left of him that show that he just plunged into the water - these lines had to his gesture i think giving a more circular composition - i think it flows much better now - you might even see how it looks if you emphasize the lines a tiny ...just to see - the other changes, the eyes open, tongue in, and little wrinkle above his nose also look nicer to it possible that the sky should be a slightly different hue? is very close to the water....but maybe it is the water?...i really look forward to purchasing your book! - you have developed such an excellent style for yourself - really nice work!

  • @Naroth-Kean that is much better with the eyes open! You know which one I vote for, ha-ha!!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Thanks a lot Kevin. That is very a helpful point on the pup gesture and yes i have been struggling with his gesture till now. I'll do what you have recommended, and I have a good feeling that it will help to solve this problem! Thanks again.
    @Thrace-Shirley-Mears haha I know you like the 1st one 😛

  • I hope this looks better! Bookcover.jpg

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    Awesome 🙂 Btw, those things in between Buddy and Olly are jellyfish right?

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    Shinji has brought up an excellent point.. i was wondering what the footprints between the two characters meant - but thought it must be integral to the seems like that is what they are both looking at also - this is on purpose i'm sure...but if not would it be worth looking at to have them looking at each other? - in the image you included where the pup is on the shore and the older one is in the water it looks like the pup is looking at the larger character and that the bigger one is looking up (not at the pup) as though he is enjoying a memory or pointing at the i reading it right?

  • @Naroth-Kean this one is so much better since the eyes are open and you added the ripples in the water behind the puppy, I can now tell that the puppy is swimming above the water and not underwater as the first image made me feel.

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    Amazing work Naroth! I love your animals so much hehe. I thought the pup was diving in? There is such a great feeling about this one, I just adore it!

  • All super great work here. One thing if I may suggest...I loved the squinting eyes of the smaller character ion the original post. That gave such a "happy and fun" emotion to him and the image itself. Anyway, for what its worth. Great stuff overall and very traditional.

  • @shinjifujioka @Kevin-Longueil yes they are jellyfish, I guess I need to make the tentacles a bit longer. I tend to draw short round things haha.
    @Thrace-Shirley-Mears Thanks Thrace.
    @Lynn-Larson Oh thank you! they are my two favorite animals in the world! I consider otters as waterdog XD.
    @johntatulliart Thanks for the comment, you and I actually think alike on those eyes squinting however I was told that it kind of looks like it's drowning with his eyes close. Hmm... I will see if I can do something about it! Thanks again.

  • @Naroth-Kean What if you kept the dog's eyes open and put the grinning closed eyes on the otter? Just a thought. The dog doesn't look like it drowning anymore since I can see that he is above water now, haha!

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    This is a really cute design, great character! I was under the impression that they are both under water not above the water. I think you can maybe omit the jelly fish and let the focus be on the two main characters, unless there is a specific reason for them to be on the cover and if there is maybe not place them directing between the main two. Love the colors and the overall feel of this piece!! Nicely done.

  • Great!, love the design, texture and colors as well! certainly love the cuteness! lovely storytelling!

  • Wonderful work! I love the hues you're using!

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    This is lovely @Naroth-Kean, I love the sploosh and the way you've done the water...looks really fresh and inviting to swim in!

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