Doodleworx's new 2019 Illustration's

  • This is what I have been working on so far this year. This one is called 'the 15th Dalai Lama.' I thought, what if robots in the future will not be 'the Terminator?' What if they will be our children? What if they will be better than us, more humane than we can be? What if the next Dalai Lama is reincarnated as a robot?!

  • This one is called 'Leviathan.' I originally drew it in ink a bunch of years ago. When I first started learning digital art on my own, two years ago, it was one of the first things that I tried to paint digitally. As it was a couple of years ago, and I felt like I have improved a lot and learned a tonne, I decided to completely repaint it. I am finally happy with it now. Until I look at it in a years time and pick it apart! That's one thing that I have learned about digital art: it's never done!

  • This one it 'Ninja Rabbit's.' It was a 2017 Inktober illustration that I painted. I have always loved Japanese culture since I was a child and Ninja's were always the coolest, as there were a lot of bad ninja movies when i was a kid!

  • This one is called 'Tailgunner (Kat n' Maus).' It was another favorite ink illustration that I drew years ago. I redrew it two years ago just in digital pencil. I was not happy how it turned out, as I love the concept, so I redrew and painted it.

  • This is another Inktober 2017 redraw and digital paint. It's called 'Handle with Care.' I went to Vancouver with my wife for a week while she was there for work and I just painted all day long, all week in the hotel. I found that the lack of distractions focused me and I was able to finish an illustration every day.

  • 'Frontier Justice.' Another favorite pencil drawing that I redrew in digital pencil. I loved the black and white, so I never painted it. But I always wondered what it would look like painted, so I gave it a shot.

  • 'Mole Fight.' Another Inktober illustration from 2017 that I decided to paint. I'm trying to complete all of the 2017 Inktober illustrations and I only have four left! Then I only have to paint the 31 Inktober 2018 illustrations . . . sigh

  • 'The Ratcatcher,' another 2017 ink illustration that I painted. Not my normal style, but I always kinda liked this one, as it has its own creepy thing going for it.

  • SVS Team SVS OG

    @Doodleworx I really like The Ratcatcher one. If you are looking for any suggestions I would watch your values on the darks, They seem to get really dark at least on my screen. I think what really works with the Ratcatcher is the lighting on it. Since most of the image is in shadow it works well.

  • @Chip-Valecek ok, thanks! I only use Procreate on my I-pad. I might have to start using Photoshop, as it doesn't seem to translate the same. Thanks for the input!

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