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  • The window/balcony your lady is sitting out of reminds me of a very cute cupcake -whether intentional or not I think its sweet lols. What medium do you traditionally work in (for this piece)? @Pamela-Fraley

    What though is the purpose of the left bridge is that what it is? Does it add to your story interns of setting or drama or for composition? Just interested.

    Your old city street architectural design has a nice balance of a tight confined space as well as the lightness and freedom the lady feels with the wind blowing through her window and her love life.

  • I see what Heather is saying about the bridge. I think it's more like stairs, or a ramp coming down to go to a different walkway? But I can see it getting in the way a bit. Well, at least the railing. You aren't giving yourself much space to work with so reducing how far that extends would help establish a more defined silhouette of your character.

    I do like the confined space feeling here. Looking forward to seeing the end result!

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    @Branden-Brushett @Heather-Boyd
    I mostly had that in there because it was in my city reference photo. I was thinking about putting a street light instead. I see what you guys are saying. My husband gave me a different idea all together, but if I finish this one, it will probably be a mix of watercolor, ink, and colored pencil.
    Thank you for the feedback!

  • @Pamela-Fraley I like the value composition of the dark figures on the light building framed by a mid-dark value on the outside.

    I think I would move the building just a little more to the right. It appears 'almost' centered but not quite which is throwing my off just a bit.

    Looking nice though. I like the idea.

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    @theprairiefox I was going to try to center the building. I didn’t get it quite right in the sketches. ☺

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