Portfolio piece wip feedback welcome

  • Hi everyone, Aleksey again. This is a piece I’m putting in my portfolio. I wanted to make an outdoors piece. Instead of black outlines I tried to use color lines for the giant and the environment to try and make the giant feel like he lives in the forest while the musician and pig are traveling. I know the values are in too but I can still change any of this so critiques are welcome! Thanks in advance!


  • This is so awesome! I love your sketches so much. They are so quirky and fun. Right now the big tree trunk in the middle is kind of splitting the composition in half, so my suggestion would be to shift it over a little to the right and make your focal area a bit bigger so the tree trunk falls more on a third instead of bisecting your canvas.

  • @Kristin-Wauson what if this were a 2 page spread? Would using the tree as a bisector be effective?

  • @Aleksey Oh! I'm so curious to see how your colored lines go with the final piece! I've been intrigued about this lately.
    I'm just loving how quirky your style is

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