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  • Hey Guys,

    I've been quiet on the forum for a bit as life happened. However, I continued the Dad-Dad strips that I started last Inktober. You can check the first season here: or in my instagam feed:

    This project really grew on me and I would like to make a product out of it so I keep pushing to get enough material for a book.

    What do you guys think about it? (style, characters, concept, stories, etc.)
    How could I improve it?
    Also can you recommend any blogs or sites that you think could help with exposure?

    I appreciate all comments, thoughts.
    Thank you,

    Dad-dad_Season_2_-_03_Collect 1080.png
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  • I absolutely LOVE your Dad-Dad comics, each one makes me laugh and I bet sooo many people can relate to it who have kids!
    I personally don't see anything that needs improving, I love your black and white comics AND your colour ones, they really are brilliant!
    I'm not sure what sort of blogs/sites you should look into really, I think Instagram is a pretty good start though if you use a lot of relevant hashtags to get people looking at your work. I follow a few comic artists and they have sooooooo many followers. You seem to produce these quite quickly (I could be wrong there but from here it seems that way), so if you posted these quite regularly on social media you'd definitely start getting a big following 🙂
    Are you familiar with Sarah Andersen's comics? Hers are HUGE now and she's published 3 books, so it's possible 😃

  • SVS OG

    As always this is soo cute! I especially love that mr. Fancy pants bit.

  • Awesome! I don't notice anything in the storytelling or art that needs improvement. I noticed a grammatical error in number 7, though. The text in the last panel needs some rewording.

  • @hannahmccaffery
    thank you for your kind words.
    I am not a social media person so I am very clumsy with reaching out to more people but I keep trying 🙂 I know Sarah Andersen's comics. They are so funny. Cassandra Calin's strips inspired me a lot too.
    Thank you 🙂 Mr Fancy-Pants was an 11th hour idea that I integrated in the strip and I was really happy with it. First, I wanted to just put baby puree on his shirt
    thank you. I am not a native. Is is the line: "selfie with a diaper on his head?"

  • Oh the details!!! I love these so much...! "How to not be scared of kids"! Fancy pants! I would love access to a book some day.

    I noticed the same thing as @Debra-Garcia , but aside from that I couldn't imagine any improvements. I believe the line could read, "I'll check for it in his toy box" or "I'll check in his toy box". Debra, feel free to correct me if you were referring to something else. 🙂

    The flow of some of these is genius, by the way. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  • I'm glad you're continuing this series of comics, I think they're really solid and have a lot of potential. Honestly, I don't have any improvement feedback, I think just keep doing what you're doing! I'm sure you'll continue to learn and make little tweaks and improvements, but the style feels solid, cohesive, fun to look at, and you've got something that feels very consistent. I love how expressive the characters are and the minimal use of color from time to time. I'm not even a dad and I enjoy reading these, so I imagine people who are parents can relate even more.

  • Moderator

    I’ve been following you on IG and sharing with my friends to Facebook because they are HILARIOUS. Hopefully that is helping. 🤞🙂

  • SVS OG

    I agree with @robgale that you should just keep on doing what you are doing. I am always so excited when you post a new cartoon because you are more consistently good than most published strips.

  • @nasvikdraws ,

    @KathrynAdebayo was correct about which part of the comic I was talking about. Sorry for not being more specific! I would personally change it to "I'll check in his toy box" if the decision were up to me.

    You're doing a phenomenal job with the writing, especially with English being a second language. I'm impressed that people are able to do that.

    Can't wait until the next one!

  • @KathrynAdebayo
    Thank you Kathryn. I love hiding these little easter eggs in the details. I think this comes from when I was really little and drew images of many overlapping stories with loose associations. I really appreciate the grammatical help. Thank you for all the support. 🙂
    Thank you so much for your detailed feedback. Means a lot to me. 😉
    I am so happy that you like them. 🙂
    Thank you for the support. I am trying to keep it consistent. Please holler if the quality goes down 🙂
    Thank you for helping with the grammar. I see what you meant. The weird thing is that I learned english since I am a preschooler but my grammatical knowledge is inconsistent. 😳 😃

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