Windows 7 is out by 2020 and Photoshop CS5 is unsupported by Adobe

  • So...that's going to create some big problems for me. I have a year to figure out what to replace my current system with, and I'd like to pick the brains of the hive mind here. Currently I have a laptop and a Wacom Bamboo tablet, and I am unfamiliar with the type of tablet where you draw right on the screen. Can you use Photoshop on an iPad Pro, and upload your illustrations from it to your website/ Instagram? Does it work like a computer would, or should I consider it an accessory to a new laptop? I know once I make the switch to Photoshop CC that it will be a monthly subscription, but I guess what I'm asking is what you think the most affordable hardware is in order to continue working digitally. The Cintiq is way out of my reach, though I know many prefer that. Any suggestions would be appreciated as I try to figure out my next steps, as I am currently feeling like this might be the end of the line for me digitally. Thanks in advance.

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    Here are your options:

    1. You can just get yourself a new laptop and download some free photoshop alternatives like Krita given that you already have a wacom tablet. This will probably cost around $1000-$1500
    2. Or you can get a cintiq alternative like a huion or xp-pen or something. For $400 you can get a decent display tablet and use it with your old lptop until you can upgrade it. Also, use a free photoshop alternative like Krita. This maybe your best bet. Just have your laptop operating system upgraded. Probably won’t be that much.
    3. You can use the ipad with procreate. You can’t use photoshop on an ipad for now. Adobe does have some drawing apps for the ipad but they are not as good as the photoshop or procreate. you can expect to spend about $800-$1000.

  • @rhirsch Adobe are releasing Photoshop on the iPad pro in 2019 (no specific date). I use their Adobe Sketch on the ipad as I can send drawings straight to photoshop desktop. I like the plethora of brushes they have. I just upgraded my ipad pro to the recent edition. It's mega fast and the new apple pencil is better because I don't have to stop and keep charging it.

  • @rhirsch The other thing Adobe is bringing out this year is Project Gemini a new drawing and painting app. Which will add live oil and watercolour brushes. More info here PROJECT GEMINI ADOBE BLOG Looks pretty good. Especially if there's no lag.

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    If you are a fan of windows I would suggest the surface. When my PC died I looked into getting a new one with a cintiq but the cost like you said was way out of my reach. I looked at the surface book and it had everything I was looking for. I have had it for a few years now and it still runs like a charm. Of course they have new models out. Luckily the company I work for pays for my adobe suite.

  • I got the photography package which is a subscription with it photoshop is $10/month

    I have an ipad pro 9.7inch but they dont make those anymore. I’d recommend a refurbished ipad pro if you wanna go ipad route but get the applecare if you do. Eventually photoshop will be out for that and I can’t wait for that because I cant afford a citiq

  • @sigross but you still have to have the desktop computer to work with the iPad, correct? I don't know if I can afford a new computer, tablet, Photoshop subscription, AND the iPad - but I guess that's something I'm going to have to figure out.

  • @rhirsch I’m hoping that you don’t need the computer once the ipad version comes out. I can let you know once i do. Rumors say it will be out in April

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    In case you choose the display tablet route, here’s a handy site by Brad Colbow comparing the different display tablets in the market and which ones are the best.

  • @aleksey I am intrigued, and will make sure to look for it in April. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • @nyrrylcadiz I appreciate the help and will watch, thanks!

  • Depending on your budget there are a few ways to go.

    If you decide to get a new computer a pc would be easier to upgrade without breaking the bank later and is usually cheaper than a laptop. You can put one together yourself if that is your inclination or get a prebuilt that can then be upgraded later. If your laptop is adequate you can upgrade the operating system, as @nyrrylcadiz suggested. My laptop is older and I am using the mentioned XP-Pen. It does not have all the features of a cintiq and I have to use "stabilization" because of lag and maybe driver issues but I like it much better than I did the bamboo. It doesn't have pen tilt and I can't customize the buttons the way I could with a wacom, but it was a good price and meets my needs.

    If you want less expensive but not free software, I tried several suites and Clip Studio Paint is my favorite. I'm using pro which is 50$. (
    Both Clip Studio Paint and Corel Painter essentials are under the 50$ mark and feel more natural to me. Corel is faster to learn but less comprehensive. Both do CMYK for printed illustrations. I may get corel for studies, but not the full version, only Essentials which is inexpensive.
    Clip studio has some handy features for layouts and such so is probably better for books. YMMV. I am loving it.

    Good luck!

  • @rhirsch when Photoshop comes out on iPad pro you won't need a desktop anymore. Although, it will be different to the desktop version layout as it's being customized for tablet. It'll defo be a full fat version and run very fast even with loads of layers. Everything will auto sync with creative cloud.

  • @aleksey Yeah I got applecare for my ipad and the screen had some light leak down the side. I think I crushed it slightly climbing over a boulder. Oops. But Apple just gave me a new one for free, no questions asked.

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