Santa and Reindeer - Critique please

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    This scene is from a Christmas story I'm working on. 🤗
    Santa and the reindeer lit up the sleigh with Christmas tree lights. They are wearing sunglasses because the sleigh is so bright. How can I make the sleigh look brighter like it's shining? Any other ideas? Thanks.


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    @judy-elizabeth-wilson I think if you want it to look like it's shining you need to add a halo of light around that sleigh!
    Also, that wasn't the topic of your post but it's personally kinda distracting me how all the reindeer have the same face :o It's really nice that they all have their different accessories, very cute, but if at least a few of them had their heads in a different angle (like profile, or looking up, looking behind them) it would do a lot to add variety in there!

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    @NessIllustration Cool thanks Ness. So a halo of light around the sleigh and work on the expressions. I didn't realize the expressions were so similar until you mentioned it. I really appreciate your ideas here. Thanks so much! 🙂

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