BIG WIP - Crits and Opinions Welcome!

  • Hey guys!

    Working on my submission for the "BIG" art prompt. I've got a couple of ideas down, and I think I'm settled on option 2, but I figured I'd ask you guys!
    Option 1

    Option 2

    While I like the humor of the first one, I feel like the second one is the stronger piece. What do you guys think?


  • Both pieces are great, but I agree that number 2 is definitely a stronger piece as there is more of a story going on 🙂 The perspective is fab! Look forward to seeing where you take it next!

  • I like the second composition too but I am afraid I don't know what is the boy looking at? What is the object? A rocket? Or something that is hovering? Looks like a giant telescope.

    I do however like the expression on the big guy in the first image!


  • @aaron-pierce I think the second has stronger composition. For the first, I feel that the expression given by the man on the left needs more reason than that the other guy is big. Like, did the big man just got the promotion that he was supposed to? Is the big man a iron fist boss but for some reason had a change of heart? Did the big man just get fired by the small man, and the small man is suprised that the big man was all "I dont need your scrutiny or job I quit"? Is the big man absolutely loaded with money and it shows? Is the big man the lead of a ballerina troop? And so on.

    Though I agree I'm not sure what going on in the second picture, but it's a sketch so that's fine, I like both ideas 😃 ....Is it a robot's leg?

  • SVS OG

    I like them both! The first one might work better if the smaller man were simply walking alongside, but with a very large cup, like a travel mug. Or walking behind the larger man, headed to the right, taking a sip from an enormous cup.

  • Thanks for the feedback, guys! In the second pic, @rinovarka is right, it's a little kid looking up at a giant robot leg. I might pull back a bit on the image so you can see the hip joint and the giant hand since it's not translating well framed as it is. Good feedback there, guys! Thank you so much! I'll post up more as I go. Having a lot of fun with this 😃

    And @Kat - OMG, I might do the giant mug thing just for fun later lol.

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