Thumbnails of Mousefight (Opinions wanted)

  • I've drawn thumbnails and would love opinions.

    I am trying to convey a mouse fighting back against a cat. I like the idea of the mousehole being visible behind the cat so we can see the mouse is trying to get home and must get past. I also considered having the mouse warrior protecting some other mice. At this point I may be analysis paralysising myself. I want to redraw with more environment but think I need to pick a design first. What ya'll think of these? Also look at my teeny mice warriors! Do they read as cute or "Get out of my kitchen nasty mouse!"

  • I really like #11, also the little teardrop shape of the mouse you're playing with at the bottom is cute!

  • @thiskatecreates I like the low camera angle of #10 because it exaggerates the size of the cat, but I also like the tension of showing the mouse hole of #9. Maybe combine the two?

  • I'm liking the worm's eye view kind of angle on #10 and #15. Any angle that really exaggerates the size different between the mouse and the cat.

    The teeny mice warriors read as utterly cute. I can't help but imagine them rolling about like little fuzzy mousey tennis balls instead of walking on all fours 🙂

    Can't wait to see more progress pics!

  • So far others I showed liked the poses where the cat was batting at the mouse and mixed with what you guys are saying and instinct I think I need a worm's eye view, with the cat looming, but with a raised paw and need to show the interior so you can see the end goal of the hole.

    I wanted to try what Will terry said about enlarging the thumbnail to keep proportions but usually I just redraw and I think I need to mix several up in this case.. 🤔

  • @studiolooong Thanks. The cat's toys are my inspo for the mice.

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