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  • Hey guys! Figured I'd start sketch book thread as well, since I'm trying to get in the habit. No point in sending them off into the void of never to be seen... ship happens, right? 😃

    New one today:
    Hover bike design by Aaron Pierce Illustration

    I'm always up for feedback and critique, so fire away if you've got any! 🙂

  • Welcome to the forums 🙂 Lookin' forward to seein' more art!

  • So a bunch of people have told me that I should do more with the little frog guy from my Frog and Robo pic, so I'm taking it as a sign that... you know... I should do more lol. Running through some ideas, variations, and expressions and I figured I'd share it here 🙂
    Froggo Design by Aaron Pierce

    Love to hear what folks think!


  • So I'm still tinkering away with the frogs idea... I think it's actually going to be a webcomic. My wife and I were laying in bed until almost 1:30am last night cackling and coming up with plots... all of which we wrote down on this pic of Chief Skragg, the poor sap who's in charge of the frogs (name pending lol). Hence why it looks oddly filtered and cleaned up as I tried to erase them without it looking weird... mission failed LOL

    Chief Skragg design by Aaron Pierce

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    @aaron-pierce Ironically, your erasing looks like an awesome mottled background for a painting!! LOL!

    The whole project sounds like fun!! Keep going! 🙂

  • @coreyartus lol I know, I was thinking that too

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