Has anyone used Paintstorm studio?

  • In my quest to begin some digital illustration, I came across some information on Painstorm studio. Does anyone have any experience with it that they can share?
    thank for any help! 🙂

  • Never heard of it, but the name is epic!

  • @coley I have it ,it is good the brushes are nice and a some are quite different,I used to use it all the time but don’t really bother with it now I find the interface a bit annoying.There is a iPad version which I heard crashes a lot ,why don’t you try the free trial.I feel it is a add on programme rather than a main painting software but that is just my opinion

  • @nessillustration that's true! 🙂

  • I haven't heard of it. What platform is it for?

  • @twiggyt it says on the page it's for Windows, Mac OS, Linux and iPad. Is that what a platform is lol? I am totally not techie! There are reviews on youtube

  • @coley Yep, I think that's a platform, also known as an Operating System. I've used it before, and in comparison to more commonly known programs or apps it reminds me a lot of Corel's Painter, not so much Photoshop. It has indeed been heavily criticized for crashing all the time, but with the newer 2018 iPads that have more memory that may not be a problem anymore.

    It has a lot of controls in a very tight area which requires a unique way to access them--they reduce in size until you tell them to pop up into a larger scale. It's... interesting... hehe...

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