BIG (WIP) Does the image come across?

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    "Things were going from bad to worse. Will the Wandering Wizard knew it was time for a big change." (or something like that).

    Want to get better at telling stories through pictures, not sure if I'm doing enough. What would you change to this drawing of mine? What jumps out as being a bit meh? I'm up for a re-draw but could use suggestions as to where to focus. Cheers. 🙌

  • @mr-kite It took me a minute to figure out. The monster reads first and it's clear the wizard is running from him but it was hard to connect that he had been feeding the pigeons. Maybe if he was still by the bench holding the bread and looking at the giant bird about to attack him for bread? It's a fun idea. Look forward to seeing the final.

  • I definitely like the concept and the idea a lot, but I do I agree with @ThisKateCreates . The bird, being bigger and having more range of color, really pops away from the page, which is fine, except you lose the idea of BIG until later. You might want to consider changing the layout a bit to emphasize the largeness of it. I whipped something up real quick:
    alt text

    It also increases the drama of the pic, giving it a bit more depth and punch and sucking your readers in. Just an idea though 🙂

    I like your style and your color choices a lot, this piece just needs a little kick in the pants to get to that finish line 🙂


  • @Mr-Kite I love the monster bird. The beak is great and you have great expressions on both characters. I think the thing that is really missing is a tie pulling the characters in with the park bench. Something like @Aaron-Pierce suggests or you could use the bread to pull it together.

    I was thinking that if you had the wizard holding the loaf and the pieces falling like you do, but have them fall all the way back and onto the ground. Basically pulling the pictures together.

    Good start.

  • Hello 🙂
    I like your character design of the big bird and your loose drawing style, like a few others have said, maybe look at your composition of your characters again as it is a little hard to tell what is going on at the moment. The bench looks great, i love the angle and the little added details/birds etc, but the big bird and wizard look like they're a different drawing from a different scene, maybe using the angle that @Aaron-Pierce mocked up and adding a bit more background around them you'll start to see the whole scene coming together and the story a bit more readable 😃
    Look forward to seeing where you take it, it's looking fab 🙂

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